HTC One: All In – Release Date: Mid-March

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HTC One – HTC’s Biggest Bet To Date ?

Not long ago, HTC One got unveiled in all its glory and so far we’re very pleased with what this gadget has to offer, as well as with HTC’s newest way of doing business. The One is expected to go on sale in a lot of countries and carriers in mid-March (we hope this will also be the case in US), and unlike HTC’s other flagships, the One looks like it’s going to get a wider release across US shores, via three major carriers.

We’ve previously said that the HTC One seems to be the company’s biggest bet for 2013, and as the days and weeks go by, it sure looks like that’s the case. But what exactly does it mean anyway? Well, join us after the break for the answer.

HTC One: HTC Is All In - Release Date: Mid-March

HTC One: HTC Is All In – Release Date: Mid-March

HTC One – HTC is “All In”

I’m going to draw a parallel here and talk a bit about LG. As many of you already know, during the past six months or so, the respective manufacturer has launched the Optimus G, it has built the Nexus 4, and has recently revealed (at the Mobile World Congress) the Optimus G Pro. The story for LG doesn’t end here, and as you might’ve already heard, the company already plans on launching an Optimus G 2 by the end of the year.

Now, getting back to HTC and the “biggest bet” part, it seems that the Taiwanese manufacturer will not do the same thing LG does. In other words, according to HTC UK, the One will be the only Android flagship smartphone to be released by the company in 2013.

Is this a bad thing? Definitely not, as long as HTC continues to deliver the One in as many regions and through as many carriers as possible. And that’s what the company intends to do, reason why the One will be the only high-end smartphone of the year.

Before you ask, HTC will deliver other gadgets in 2013, but those will be mid-range or Windows Phone 8 smartphones. However, the company’s seems focused, like never before, on making its flagship a success. We’re with you HTC!

Thanks Droid Life for the heads-up regarding these HTC One bits of information.

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