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HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich Release Date Scheduled For The End Of This Month ? (Android 4 ICS)

by Mihai Matei on July 12, 2012

We know that you’re a bit disappointed by the fact that Verizon has not rolled-out the HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich update by now, and we are eagerly awaiting that particular moment when we will finally be able to report that the highly-anticipated update has hit the waves, but for now all we can do is inform you about the latest happenings and keep you up to date with what the carrier is planning regarding the matter.

HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4 ICS)

As you may already know, at the end of June, Big Red announced that Android 4.0 for the Rezound has finally hit the waves. However, something strange happened, the carrier pulled the plug and the roll-out has been halted.

We hoped that Verizon will be able to deploy ICS by the end of June, since it was reported that Android 4 should hit the waves either by the end of June, or the end of July, but things turned to be not exactly as we wished. However, Verizon and HTC are still planning on launching the HTC Rezound Android 4 ICS update on-time (read by the end of July).

HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich Release Date Scheduled For The End Of This Month ? (Android 4 ICS)

HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich Release Date Scheduled For The End Of This Month ? (Android 4 ICS)

Apparently, one concerned HTC Rezound owner has sent an email to Big Red the manufacturer, asking when exactly he’ll be able to update his handset. The carrier HTC responded and informed its customer that Android 4 ICS will hit the waves by the end of July, with final pushes happening in August. It is also mentioned that the reason why the company is unable to deploy ICS earlier is due to partner approvals, testing and localization.

We’re not sure what to make of this, since we were led to believe that Verizon and HTC already got those things out of the way, but there you have it.

Bottom line is, although Rezound owners might feel a bit disappointed by what the carrier had to say concerning the matter, in case Big Red manages to roll-out the update by the end of July, it would still be on time. But, as usual, earlier rather than later would have been better.

That’s about it, stay tuned as we’ll keep you up to date as soon as the story develops.

Thanks Droid Life for the heads-up regarding the HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich release date.

  • steve sharkman

    it’s not on time.
    ics was supposed to be released in “early 2012″.
    don’t believe this letter also, it is a fake.

  • jb3

    I will say this. I like HTC phones always have. But I’m very strongly considering going to Samsung or even Motorola when I’m available for an upgrade. This isn’t the first time a promised upgrade to the next available Android OS from HTC has come and gone. When I bought my Rezound back in December of 2011 (8 months ago!) I bought it because of course HTC promised it would be upgraded. I’ve stuck with them as long as I could and that’s my fault and I’m done with HTC now until they get their act together!

  • bryan

    Just to point out, the email was from HTC, not the carrier. HTC has always said June or July, so this isn’t anything new. Also, I no longer trust anything Verizon or HTC say…they are going to have to prove it to me this time.

  • angry rezound owner

    this update was supposed to be here “in the first quater.” i wouldn’t be surprised if, due to the release of the htc incredible 4g, our update didnt come for another half year

  • Over blouted with apps not used

    If it is like the current HTC Rezound it will have to many apps that you do not want and can’t uninstall the phone is good but to extra crap loaded for their profit

  • Tony

    I like the Rezound. However, I am growing tired of waiting on an update that was promised long ago. Seriously considering going back to an iPhone when iPhone 5 releases just to get updates on a regular schedule and not hampered by carrier interference. I know some talk about rooting their phones, but for many of us, this is our first android phone and rooting isn’t something we feel comfortable doing yet. Will wait for October release of iPhone, then decided whether to go with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3 or other newer android phone with ICS or Jelly Bean already installed. It’s crazy, here we sit waiting for ICS when Jelly Bean is getting ready to release.

  • Greg

    As a loyal Verizon customer, I waited for the Samsung Note to be introduced to their lineup. To avoid the data plan switchover I needed to sign a contract to maintain my grandfathered unlimited data plan. Since I could wait no longer, I opted to purchase an HTC Rezound instead of the Motorola or Samsung counterparts (the Galaxy S3 still hadn’t been available either). Love the phone, just hate the misleading information. I don’t believe the phone suppliers are to blame as much as the phone carriers. I do believe Verizon does change its marketing plans based on inventory and preferred status with Samsung and Motorola. I also think the Note is not around because it would compete with Verizon’s line of 7″ tablets reducing its added profitability from tablet data plans. I’m am all for companies profiting (no, I don’t think profit is a dirty word), however, as a longtime loyal customer don’t restrict my options for my technology choices that would suit me better. Damn it, if an O/S is available and the hardware can run it, offer it. If a cell device can act as a phone and tablet (Samsung Note) and I am willing to pay for it don’t be a chump, offer it. Verizon’s manipulation of product lines is ultimately going to hurt them as in time Apple’s proprietary control is going to hurt them.

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