HTC One at Verizon – Release Date Pushed Back By Extensive Testing ?

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HTC One at Verizon – We’re Still Writing About It

EDITOR NOTE: Wait a minute ! We’re still talking about HTC One’s arrival at Verizon ? Yes, yes we are and here’s why: after HTC USA went on Twitter and announced that Verizon and HTC One shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence, the manufacturer deleted the tweet like it never happened. Even more so, now HTC has completely changed gears when answering questions concerning HTC One’s availability at Big Red. If you add to all that the fact that AllThingsD’s sources are still claiming that, despite HTC’s Twitter ramblings, the One will arrive at Verizon, we’re inclined to admit there is still hope.

Today we’re going to talk about why will the carrier trail behind AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile so if interested stay with us for a few more minutes.

If you didn’t know by now you probably figured it out while reading this article’s intro: Verizon hasn’t made any announcements regarding the HTC One and it’s pretty difficult not to start wondering why Big Red might not be interested in the handset. The only logical reason we and pretty much everyone could come up with is the fact that the Droid DNA is still a pretty fresh device and that it’s too early for it to become obsolete (probably Verizon still has some money to recover from add campaigns and what not).

Nevertheless, rumors have started flying around indicating that Verizon might actually retail the handset in question, but a bit later in the year.

HTC One at Verizon - Release Date Pushed Back By Extensive Testing ?

HTC One at Verizon – Release Date Pushed Back By Extensive Testing ?

HTC One at Verizon

Right folks, word on the street is that Verizon will indeed launch the HTC One, and according to one of AllThingsD’s inside sources, the carrier in question will launch the gadget on its network one or two months after the rest of the US carriers will. Allegedly, Big Red is definitely interested in this device, but due to extensive testing, the handset will receive a rather delayed launch.

Whatever they’re testing we do not know. Perhaps Verizon is working on replacing the HTC logo with its own :D. Joking aside, the information above matches with what another source (@LlabTooFeR also known as Football4PDA) has claimed at the beginning of the month.

All in all, the evidence so far points towards the idea that Verizon will launch the One on its network sometime in the next few months. If that’s the case then chances are we’ll learn more about the handset’s whereabouts at Big Red, so stay tuned.

Thanks All Things D for the heads-up regarding the HTC One at Verizon.