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HTC’s 4 Upcoming Structural Changes Get Sanctioned By Its Investors

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It’s no secret anymore, HTC is going through some rough times, as the HTC One hasn’t been able, by itself, to get the company’s financial situation back on track. Unfortunately, the more recent HTC One Mini and HTC One max are also very unlikely to do so.

So, in an attempt to avoid joining Nokia and BlackBerry on the “Buy Us, We’re Dirt Cheap” Row, HTC is currently working on implementing a batch of structural changes in order to regain some of its former might.

So, what is HTC planning to do in order to become profitable once again and what do its investors think of the company’s plans? Join us after the break to find out.

HTC's 4 Upcoming Structural Changes Get Sanctioned By Its Investors

HTC’s 4 Upcoming Structural Changes Get Sanctioned By Its Investors

According to the Taiwaneese media citing Nomura Securities (which provides Financial Management Consulting services), HTC’s fail safe plan is based on the following 4 major changes:

  1. The repositioning of  some of the company’s high ranking officers. This has already begun as several days ago it has been announced that Cher Wang (HTC’s co-founder and chairwoman) will take over some duties from HTC’s CEO (Peter Chou) who will in turn get to concentrate on product development.
  2. Outsourcing production work. Word around town is that HTC may outsource some of its production to Foxconn and Winstron.
  3. The usage of MediaTek chips in some of HTC’s entry and mid-range devices which will give the Taiwanese company some bargaining power and help it make a foothold in emerging/low-end markets. This isn’t the first time we’re hearing about HTC choosing a MediaTek SoC for at least one of its devices. What’s even more interesting is that MediaTek just announced that its true octa core chip will be launched on November 20th.
  4. Finding new customers and creating new partnerships. The report indicates that HTC might try to work with new telecom partners, in order to reach more potential customers and improve its image. One of these new telecom partners has been rumored to be China Mobile, the largest carrier in the world.

Probably the best piece of news is that HTC’s investors are having faith in the company’s restructuring plan. However, Nomura advises that money won’t start piling up over night and that it will take some time before HTC and its investors will reap the benefits (meaning that at least Q4 2013 and Q1 2014 are compromised, from a financial point of view).

So, what do you think? Will these 4 structural changes help HTC climb on top again? Let us know in the comments section.


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