Could This Monstrosity Be One Of Huawei’s Upcoming Wearable Devices? Is It A Smartwatch?

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Most of you should be aware of this, but Huawei is going to be present at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where the manufacturer is expected to unveil at least one smartphone, two tablets (one being the Media Pad X1), as well as a wearable device. Yup, there has been a lot of commotion in the wearable market, and Huawei seems to be jumping on the bandwagon as well.

There have been a lot of interesting developments on the smartwatch scene, as the next Galaxy Gear might arrive with Tizen, and with numerous manufacturers wanting to break the ice, including ASUS and Acer. So, the big question is whether or not Huawei has any chance of making an impact with its wearables. Well, if the latest leak (or “teaser”) turns out to be the real deal, then we’re sorry to say that Huawei’s attempt in competing with the big boys is laughable. Take a look at this monstrosity!

Could This Monstrosity Be One Of Huawei's Upcoming Wearable Devices?

Could This Monstrosity Be One Of Huawei’s Upcoming Wearable Devices?

Is This Huawei’s Smartwatch? We Sure Hope Not!

You take a look at the image above, and someone tells you that’s a real smartwatch. What do you do? You probably think they’re “trolling” you. But, the thing is, the image you see above has just been posted by a Huawei official, next to the question “My new toy, do you like this color?”

I’m sorry, but that thing looks ridiculous. It’s like a watch that you’d normally find in a cereal box, and no, the baby blue doesn’t help either.

In any case, it’s probably more interesting to note that the picture has been posted via “Glory X1″, which isn’t a smartphone or device that we’re aware of. Could the Glory X1 be the Media Pad X1 7-incher? Or could it be one of Huawei’s upcoming smartphones that we’ll get to see at the Mobile World Congress? Whatever the case, we’re hoping that this wearable “thing’s” design language has not carried over to any other smartphones or tablets.

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