iPad 3 Release Date And Specs Guide (Rumors)

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Although the launch of the Apple iPhone 4S wasn’t as well received as the launch of an iPhone 5 would have been, Apple is still working hard on setting us up with some new playthings. As it always is with Apple products, the rumor mill has been spinning with quite some speed and we started hearing rumors related to the iPad 3 release date and the specifications of the upcoming Apple tablet. Personally I can’t wait to see what the iPad 3 is bringing to the table as the competition is pretty impressive!

iPad 3 Release Date, Specs

The latest report came from the Asian supply chain for Apple which says that the company will be equipping the next generation Apple iPad 3 with a full HD display. The upcoming tablet from the manufacturer is rumored to launch sometime in March of this year.

In terms of known things, the iPad 3 is supposedly coming with double the pixel density of the iPad 2 as well as a new battery to improve on the 10 hour battery life of the previous iPad.

The Apple iPad 3 will feature a QXGA display (that’s 2048 x 1536 pixels) yet the other specifications don’t seem quite as impressive according to some sources.

iPad 3 Release Date And Specs Guide (Rumors)

iPad 3 Release Date And Specs Guide (Rumors)

On some quick note though, as soon as the news of the Apple iPad 3 was leaked around, the company’s shares also spiked up a bit, just a few dollars shy of the company’s all-time high.

Sticking to the story at hand, the Apple iPad 3 will supposedly run on a dual-LED light bar system for the display. This should increase the quality of the display overall, yet they also brought some new issues to the whole deal. As such, the dual-LED setup increased both power consumption as well as heat, these two elements being the main reason for which the manufacturer delayed the iPad 3 release date (again, according to rumors).

The iPad 3 is also rumored to come with the new A6 chip, which is a quad-core solution meant to help out with the new display resolution as well as help the device keep up with the quad-core competition.

Could the iPad 3 be a rehash of the iPhone 4S story - some specs, but nothing major?

Could the iPad 3 be a rehash of the iPhone 4S story - some specs, but nothing major?

Note that most of the times you get a new product from Apple, the older version do see a price slash, as such expect the Apple iPad 2 to get its price cut down to $399 in order to keep it competitive with the current onslaught of Android tablets.

Rumors still kept overflowing in terms of the upcoming Apple tablet, as the editor-in-chief at iLounge, Jeremy Howitz, tweeted that the following iPad will come with a main camera similar to the one in the iPhone 4S along with a front facing HD shooter. So this time around you’ll be getting 1080p video capture going.

If you are interested in picking up the iPad 3 make sure to keep your eyes peeled for a March iPad 3 release date and our little corner here. Stay tuned for more!

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