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New iPad (Mini 2?) Prototype Leaks – Check It Out

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Well, it looks like, from time to time, we’re lucky enough to receive leaked pictures with various prototypes.

If the last time we showed you what we thought to be a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 prototype (which might or might not be an undercover Galaxy Mega 6.3), today we received in our inbox a pic titled “new iPad protoype“. As the name says, this is probably a prototype of an upcoming Apple tablet. Unfortunately, it only shows the back of the device.

Check it out.

ipad mini 2

Given that the photo doesn’t show anything else but the tablet, we can’t really figure out its dimensions. So we might be lookeing either at an iPad Mini 2 prototype or at an iPad 5. However, seeing that the back of the tablet closely resembles iPad Mini’s back panel, chances are we’re looking at an iPad Mini 2 R&D device.

According to rumors, the iPad Mini will ship with a Sharp high resolution IGZO display, will be powered by an A7 Apple quad-core processor and will run on iOS 7.

As far as the iPad Mini 2 release date goes, rumor has it that the tablet will see the light of day sometime during Q4 2014.

What do you think? Is this the iPad Mini 2? Are you considering buying one if it will come with an improved screen? Let us know in the comments section.

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