iPhone 5 vs Google Nexus 4 – Which Is Better For The Photographer In You

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When it comes to tablets and their rear-facing cameras, we’re really not that interested in finding out which one is better, and we don’t consider the lack of a rear-facing camera a big deal. It’s the nature of a tablet that makes it a bit difficult for the user to take photos and I’m fairly sure that not many of you have used your slates to capture images.

However, when it comes to smartphone cameras, well that’s an entirely different story. An increasing number of smartphone users are now using their handsets as main cameras and that’s because they offer convenience. You almost always have your smartphone with you and thus, you can easily capture a moment, when the need arises, without having to carry around a point-and-shoot. That being said, it’s a pretty big deal to have a powerful camera on your gadget, and since the iPhone 5 and the Google Nexus 4 are two of the most sought after smartphones at this point, we should talk a bit about what their camera sensors are capable of.

iPhone 5 vs Google Nexus 4 - Wich Is Better For The Photographer In You

iPhone 5 vs Google Nexus 4 - Wich Is Better For The Photographer In You

iPhone 5 vs Google Nexus 4 – Camera

Both these devices are in the same category, as in, they’re both high-end smartphones and they represent the best of what the mobile market has to offer at this point. Nonetheless, these two gadgets have a lot of dissimilarities and chances are that the cameras fitted on these gadgets are not yielding identical results either.

Let’s have a look at some pictures taken with both handsets side-by-side. The ones above are taken with the Nexus 4, whereas the ones below are captured with Apple’s flagship. Join us after the break for more.

Top images taken with the Nexus 4, bottom ones with the iPhone 5

Top images taken with the Nexus 4, bottom ones with the iPhone 5

Both gadgets feature 8 MP shooters on the back but that doesn’t tell the entire story. The hardware and software differs, and as a result, judging by the pictures above, the iPhone 5 is able to take slightly brighter and more detailed pictures than the Nexus 4.

However, the sensor fitted on the Google smartphone is really not bad either and in certain instances (the Christmas baubles photo) it manages to deliver a clearer image with more natural colors than the iPhone 5.

All in all, both devices are able to capture great shots and the difference between the two is more noticeable in various lighting conditions and such. The question is, are these results enough to convince you to buy one gadget or the other? If you’re looking for more information regarding how these two devices compare in other aspects, feel free to check out one of our previously posted iPhone 5 vs Nexus 4 articles.

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