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iPhone 5S To Advertise Old Tech as New ? Release Date: June (Rumored)

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iPhone 5S – Old Is New Again ?

The Android market has seen a lot of brand new and impressive gadgets during the past couple of months. Gadgets such as the Sony Xperia Z, the HTC One, the LG Optimus G Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S4 are either getting ready for a release or have already seen the light of day, and needless to say, the Android segment continues to receive a great deal of attention, while Apple seems to be somewhat overshadowed by the brand new technology that is being presented on these aforementioned gadgets, such as full HD displays, incredibly powerful processors and more.

Needless to say, Apple needs to prepare a counter, and while the iPhone 6 will obviously deliver new features and improvements, the handset in question is still many months away from its release, whenever it may be.

That being said, the company needs something in between in order to keep the flow going, and that’s where the iPhone 5S comes into play.

iPhone 5S To Advertise Old Tech as New ? Release Date: June (Rumored)

iPhone 5S To Advertise Old Tech as New ? Release Date: June (Rumored)

iPhone 5S – Alleged Specs

Right, so before an Apple gadget gets announced, there’s a tendency of somewhat crazy rumors to surface on the web, claiming that the upcoming iPhone will feature hardware from SciFi movies like hologram keyboards and what not. Evidently, these are just silly speculations and ways to gain attention.

Nevertheless, the iPhone 5S has its fair share of not-so silly rumors, one of which concerns the gadget’s release date which might happen in June.

Two new other rumors are also pointing towards the possibility that the handset in question will feature two rather old pieces of tech, such as NFC capabilities and a fingerprint scanner.

Now, these technologies have been around for a long time so it’s not really something out of this world, but whether or not they’ll make it on the iPhone 5S is questionable. First of all, last year reports indicated that the iPhone 5 lacks NFC due to the fact that it features an aluminum case, and because of the way the handset is constructed, it doesn’t allow both features to work together well.

Nevertheless, the HTC One which is also an all-aluminum device, arrives with NFC so perhaps Apple has figured out a way to implement the feature as well. Either that, or the iPhone 5S will be built from a different material.

As for the fingerprint scanner, this little piece of tech has been around for ages but it was usually present on other devices such as notebooks. Nevertheless, fingerprint scanning is a somewhat dying tech –at least commercially- and I can understand why. Hell, I used to own a notebook that had fingerprint scanning and I actually never used the feature.

However, these rumors claim that the scanner is meant to go hand in hand with NFC as a method of authentication that will increase security when performing NFC-payments, which leads us to another –and last- question. How is Apple going to implement a virtual wallet feature?

Google managed to team-up with MasterCard … and that’s pretty much it. Other credit card companies haven’t been really that interested in Google Wallet and I fail to see the reason why they’d be interested in whatever Apple might have to offer.

Who knows?! Perhaps these features will end up in the iPhone 5S, perhaps not. Either way, both technologies are old, we know all about them and there really isn’t anything innovating here…

iPhone 5S Release Date

I know all of you are interested in finding out when the next iPhone will hit shelves. Well, the latest reports regarding the iPhone 5S release date are hinting towards June, but nothing is official yet. Stay tuned!

Thanks Pocket Now for the heads-up regarding these iPhone 5S rumors.

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