Alleged iPhone 6 Front Panel Surfaces, Shows Zero Side Bezel

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It was not long ago when rumors about a bezel-less iPhone 6 have started surfacing. As usual, this rumor started a lot of heated forum discussions. Some are saying that manufacturing a bezel-free display would not be indicated because, at the lightest drop, the screen would be in danger, while some are saying that such a phone would be downright ugly and strange-looking.

Well, it didn’t take long since the aforementioned rumors have appeared (not even a month) and some pics showing what allegedly is the front panel of the upcoming iPhone 6 have surfaced. And guess what? They’re trying to convince us that Apple’s upcoming iPhone will indeed come with no side-bezel whatsoever. Take a look and see for yourself.




The pics you’re seeing above have been recently published on the WeiPhone forums. But are they real?

Well, the first clue that hints at a possible fake is that the placement of the home button, as pictured above, looks awkward as hell. However, some would claim that this might be a manufacturing defect, reason why the panel was discarded and someone (probably a Foxconn employee) has managed to get its hands on it.

Second, the page where the pics have been first published is not available anymore, so at the moment, if you’re trying to access the source page, you’ll get an ugly 404 error.

Third, the same rumor from early February was mentioning that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will also come with a bezel-free display. We all know how it all turned out, don’t we?

What do you think? Is this real of fake? Let us know in the comments section.


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