Report: Next iPhone (6) Unlikely To Feature A Sapphire Screen, Unlike the iWatch

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Several days ago, new reports concerning the next iPhone’s display have popped-up on the blogosphere. These leaks and bits of information have revealed that Apple might fit the iPhone 6 with a sapphire screen. Last year, the Cupertino-based giant struck a deal with GT Advanced, in order to operate a sapphire crystal component manufacturing facility in Arizona. Newer reports have been suggesting that Apple is putting a lot of effort in making the facility operational in February, and everyone began to hope that the next iPhone flagship will indeed pack a sapphire screen.

However, according to the latest reports, the iPhone 6 might not be able to benefit from this kind of protection for its display. Instead, it looks like the iWatch will be the one to enjoy the fruits of Apple’s labor.

Next iPhone (6) Unlikely To Feature A Sapphire Screen, Unlike the iWatch

Next iPhone (6) Unlikely To Feature A Sapphire Screen, Unlike the iWatch

iPhone 6 Might not Pack a Sapphire Screen After All

According to Chinese media sources (which are citing “Taiwan supply chain insiders”), Apple has put a lot of effort into fitting the next iPhone with a sapphire screen. These sources claim that “beta” iPhone units (read: some of the prototypes Apple is currently testing) are already sporting sapphire protected panels, but unfortunately, chances are that they will not make it on the final product.

The problem is not necessarily due to low yield (which still is a problem, at least until Apple’s Arizon plant will be fully operational), but mainly because fitting a sapphire screen on the next iPhone would make its price skyrocket.

Fortunately though, the same sources also say that Apple will manage to fit sapphire screens on the rumored iWatch. The smartwatch is said to feature a 2 inch panel, and evidently, the production costs would be much lower.

As always, it’s difficult know for sure (or ti accurately predict) what will happen in the second half of the year, and the next iPhone is still quite a mystery, despite the numerous rumors surrounding it. Whether or not we’ll get to see a sapphire screen on the iPhone 6 remains to be seen, but chances are slim.

Source: MyDrivers / PCpop