Report: iPhone 6 Will Disappointingly Feature Only 1GB of RAM [UPDATED]

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Another week is upon us, and unsurprisingly enough, a new iPhone 6-related leak just surfaced on the blogosphere. Indeed, these past several months have been a wild ride for Apple enthusiasts, with countless bits of information surfacing and leading to numerous theories on what we should expect from the company’s next best flagship device.

Today’s latest report targets the upcoming iPhone 6 and its internal components, but before we dig deeper into the topic you should probably lower your expectations. More details right after a quick break.

Report: iPhone 6 Will Disappointingly Feature Only 1GB of RAM

Report: iPhone 6 Will Disappointingly Feature Only 1GB of RAM

iPhone 6 to Feature Only 1 GB of RAM?

The schematics you see above have been recently shared via Weibo by the guys over at GeekBar, and assuming that the image is legit, the iPhone 6 will most probably feature only 1 GB of RAM.

In a world where flagship Android smartphones come with at least 2 GB of RAM, the iPhone 6 doesn’t sound powerful enough to compete with the most sought-after devices from the opposite camp. Nevertheless, Apple is a wizard when it comes to optimization and iOS has always been capable of successfully handling the same tasks as Android, while requiring fewer resources.

On the other hand, 1 GB of RAM still sounds a bit low by today’s standards, especially since iOS 8 will allow developers to create much more powerful applications.

We should also note that, in the past, GeekBar has been an active source as far as leaking pics depicting internal Apple hardware components, indicating that the source might have strong connections within Apple’s supply chain. Evidently, we can’t confirm whether the iPhone 6 will feature only 1 GB of RAM or more, but time will shed more light on the matter so stick around and we’ll keep you up to speed as soon as we learn more. In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

[UPDATE] It looks like the above schematic doesn’t show the amount of RAM memory, but rather the layout for the NAND flash which is used for storing firmware and other data [via 9to5mac, MacRumors]. Well, that was quite a scare, huh?