iPhone 6S: Supply Chain Chatter Mentions 3D Touch Tech In The Cards

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Although there’s no official word on the matter, it’s more than obvious that Apple has not gone under and that the Cupertino-based giant will release a new flagship phone sometime near the end of the year – whatever its name will be. For now we have settled with the iPhone 6S moniker, because if we look at Apple’s launch history we know that after a brand new release should come a refresh.

But don’t let the idea of a refresh fool you. There are tons of rumors and leaks regarding the upcoming device, even though it may look fairly similar to the iPhone 6. More to the point, most of these leaks tend to discuss various technical characteristics which will set the iPhone 6S apart from the predecessor(s), and one of these technologies might be 3D Touch. Interested in the details? As always, keep on scrolling and you’ll find them below.

iPhone 6S: Supply Chain Chatter Mentions 3D Touch Tech In The Cards

iPhone 6S: Supply Chain Chatter Mentions 3D Touch Tech In The Cards

iPhone 6S Supply Chain Mentions 3D Touch Tech

As you might be able to recall if you have kept a close eye on the Apple scene since the beginning of the year, back in January we came across a particular report from Taiwan, hinting that Apple’s next flagship phone could feature something called a 3D Pressure sensor. At the time we’ve speculated that the Cupertino company might use the iPhone 6S to push the Force Touch technology beyond the Apple Watch, and into the smartphone segment.

We haven’t heard much on the matter since, but sometimes if you give a rumor enough time it will pop-up again alongside new data to sustain it. Sure enough, according to fresh bits and pieces gathered from the Chinese media citing supply chain sources, Apple is indeed considering the use of “3D Touch” technology for the iPhone 6S, “confirming” our expectations that the company might want to take Force Touch to a whole new level by the end of 2015.

As a quick recap, Force Touch will debut on Apple’s upcoming smartwatch and will basically allow the gadget to “differentiate between a light tap and a deep press“. How would this apply to an iPhone? Well, the matter it’s open to discussion but we’re guessing some kind of motion/gesture sensing baked in right at hardware level.

The source also says that the main supplier for the iPhone 6S’ 3D Touch technology will be the US-based Avago Tech, which apparently has been involved in the early stages of development for the Wii Gesture Sensor technology.

However, it’s most likely that Apple has not yet set all the details in stone. We suspect that it’s too early for Apple to have made a definite decision in this regard, and chances are that 3D Touch is still in talks or in the R&D stages of development, hopefully waiting for a green light.

We’ll keep you up to speed as we learn more so stay tuned.



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