Analyst: iPhone 6S Camera To Stay At 8MP

If we look at Apple’s history for a sneak preview into the future, what we can all speculate is that the company’s next flagship phone will be a refreshed iPhone 6 dubbed the iPhone 6S. The smartphone in question should hit the market this fall and while it may look very similar to the current model (or models if we take into account the iPhone 6 Plus) there are plenty of areas that the 6S can improve upon.

One of these areas is the camera. Of course, the iPhone 6 camera is quite powerful, but we expect certain improvements to be made in order for a “refresh” to make sense. Some people have waited for Apple to increase the number of megapixels in its iPhone cameras for some time now, and the iPhone 6S was / is rumored to make the first step in this direction. However, according to Taipei-based analyst Jeff Pu, the iPhone 6S camera might stay at 8 MP.

Analyst: iPhone 6S Camera To Stay At 8MP

iPhone 6S to Feature an 8 MP Camera?

Analyst Jeff Pu recently discussed the financial situation of Largan Precision Co. – Apple’s major camera lens supplier. Pu forecasts that, this year, Largan faces limited growth because the industry is transiting to higher-res cameras too slowly. Granted, numerous Chinese mid-range smartphones have made the jump to 8 or 13 MP cameras, but there aren’t many flagship devices to have adopted a 16 or 20 MP unit, and that is because apparently there’s a limited supply of CMOS sensors.

As for the iPhone 6S, Jeff Pu speculates that because the smartphone will not push a larger than 8 MP camera to the market, Largan Precision Co. will have a difficult time increasing its stock price in H2 2015.

Regardless of how the story will unfold though, this report doesn’t really put a damper on the idea that the iPhone 6S will feature a dual-lens camera boasting optical zoom capabilities. In fact, by not increasing the number of pixels, it’s more likely that Apple will focus more on adding other features to the camera in order to make it stand apart.

Should Apple release the iPhone6S with an 8 MP sensor in tow, what would your opinion be on the matter?