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JDI In Talks With Apple, Ready To Provide iPhone OLED Panels (in 2018)?

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As most of you are aware of, up until now there has been a relatively large number of rumors supporting the idea that Apple will rely less on LCD display technology in the coming years and adopt OLED panels for the iPhone lineup in 2018.

You might also know that, at the moment, Sharp and JDI are Apple’s largest LCD panel suppliers, and with the OLED market being dominated by Samsung, the two aforementioned Japanese companies might suffer on account of Apple’s decision to switch from LCD to OLED, whereas Samsung might thrive. Also, LG is another major OLED panels manufacturer that can also win a significant slice of Apple’s OLED orders.

As it turns out, however, JDI doesn’t seem to be ready to give up the fight just yet, and instead the Japanese manufacturer will apparently try to beat Samsung and LG at their own game, by getting ready to provide OLED panels for Apple in 2018.

More details below.


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JDI To Produce OLEDs for iPhones in 2018?

According to a report from Japanese newspaper Nikkan, JDI is currently discussing a possible collaboration with Apple in order to secure OLED display orders for the 2018 iPhone lineup.

As such, sources have it that JDI’s first step will be to transform its existing 4.5 generation Ishikawa factory into an OLED test production line in spring 2016. Next summer the 6th gen. Mobara plant will switch to OLED too, and by spring 2018 JDI plans to establish a mass production line, capable of supplying Apple with the necessary display components and technologies.

As yet we have no word on whether Sharp will also follow in JDI’s footsteps or not, but we’ll keep you posted if we find out more. In any case, Samsung and LG are already two of the world’s largest OLED display manufacturers and assuming these recent reports are correct then JDI has a lot of catching up to do.


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