Kindle Fire HD vs iPad Mini – Frequent Problems and Possible Fixes

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When Apple unveiled the iPad Mini, Phil Schiller has been eager to confront Google and its Nexus 7 tablet, explaining (or rather sharing his point of view) why the iPad Mini is better than Google’s 7-incher.

To be honest, the Mini is not necessarily a bad product. It has its qualities, but overall, it really can’t match the Nexus 7, especially when it comes to the price tag. But what about the Kindle Fire HD? I mean, Amazon’s tablet is a really good alternative if you’re looking for a multimedia 7-incher.

Well, we’ve compared these two gadgets from a technical standpoint before, but today we’re going to talk about the most common issues surrounding them, and possible fixes. More details below.

Kindle Fire HD vs iPad Mini - Frequent Problems and Possible Fixes

Kindle Fire HD vs iPad Mini - Frequent Problems and Possible Fixes

Kindle Fire HD – Frequent Problems

The biggest issues that overshadow the Kindle Fire HD are the ads on the lock screen, its inability to multitask properly and poor performance (on occasion).

The good news is that some of these issues can be easily fixed. Although you won’t be able to make the Kindle Fire HD better at multitasking or make it handle multiple browser tabs without having to deal with lag and sluggish performance, you can actually get rid of the most prominent issue: the ads.

The solution will cost you though, so be prepared to pay $15 for the luxury of getting rid of unwanted ads. If you consider that to be a good deal, all you need to do is log in to your Amazon account, go to “Manage Your Devices”, click on “Edit” and confirm that you wish to unsubscribe by paying the $15 fee.

Common Kindle Fire HD Issues

Common Kindle Fire HD Issues

iPad Mini – Frequent Problems

Apple’s first contender on the 7-inch tablet market is not perfect, and in most cases, it fails to be up to par with other Apple products. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean the gadget is a complete and utter failure. Sales figures are pretty positive thanks to that apple logo on the back panel, but speaking of the back panel, one of the biggest issues surrounding the iPad Mini is the fact that it’s easily scratchable.

Indeed, the Mini is very slim, very light and feels like a premium product, but it’s not as resilient as the Kindle Fire HD and many owners have reported that the tablet arrived in the mail with scratches on the back. Whether or not their recently purchased gadgets were scratched during the manufacturing process or in the retailer’s warehouse is unknown, but the point is that the Mini is very fragile in this respect. It delivers a premium feel, but not necessarily a premium build quality.

Another issue overshadowing the iPad Mini is the fact that it arrives with a 4:3 aspect ratio. We’re not going to dig deep into details as to why that’s a bad thing simply because we’ve already done that (hit the link for more info), but on short, multimedia content suffers on Apple’s 7 incher.

There are also complains about low screen quality, which is rather expected and doesn’t surprise us at all, and lastly, people have also complained about low storage.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many fixes to these problems so if you decide to buy the Mini, you’ll have to learn and live with these issues. As far as the storage goes, you could make use of cloud services to make the problem less prominent.

So, what do you think? Which one has the most “deal breaking” issues, in your opinion ? Drop us a line and let us know. Also, if you’ve already bought one of the two, feel free let us know if you’ve discovered other issues as well.

Thanks Fix Ya for the info regarding the Kindle Fire HD and iPad Mini frequent issues.

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