Latest iPhone 6 Leaks Are Trying to Suggest That Apple / Foxconn Are Making Final Preparations

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Roughly two weeks ago we witnessed an avalanche of alleged iPhone 6 sketches and schematics, coming from multiple sources (we even broke the news regarding one such alleged leak). Since then, it was relatively quiet as far as leaks go (but not rumors, nope … there’s a ton of those any day of the week).

Well, not anymore, as a handful of new pics have just surfaced claiming to show that Apple and Foxconn are preparing to push the iPhone 6, at least one of the two models, into mass production. Check out the pics below and joins after the break.






The first three pics are allegedly showing technical schematics of iPhone 6’s chassis. And boy, when we say technical, we mean it. We can’t claim to be able to make any sense of these sketches, but they seem to go into the tiniest details. We also can’t be sure if these are the real deal, and if so, if they are showing the 4.7 or 5.5 inch models of the iPhone 6, but we’re sure experts in this field will chime in with their observations.

Next, the last two pics are allegedly showing the iPhone 6 molds. Now, if these are legit, and if Foxconn is starting to make these, it means that the iPhone 6 will soon go into mass production. Or at least the chassis will.

According to the latest rumors, the 4.7-inch panels for the iPhone 6 will go into production in May, while the phone itself will hit the conveyor belts in July. The 5.5-inch iPhone will allegedly go into mass production sometime in September.

Any experts out there who can help us make sense of these technical schematics and molds?


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