New Leak Suggests An LG G3 Model With Snapdragon 805 On Board Is In The Works

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Oddly enough, despite the fact that the freshly announced LG G3 is not yet available for purchase outside of South Korea, we’re starting to hear a lot of rumors regarding an LG G3 follow-up / refresh. Those of you who have been with us last week might recall the report suggesting that said “refresh” will be equipped with a more powerful modem and processor, and it could bear the “Prime” moniker.

Whatever the case, a new leak has just surfaced on the web, further hinting at the existence of the aforementioned device. Care to learn the details? You’ll find them below.

New Leak Suggests An LG G3 Model With Snapdragon 805 On Bord Is In The Works

New Leak Suggests An LG G3 Model With Snapdragon 805 On Bord Is In The Works

New Leak Hints at an LG G3 Model with Snapdragon 805 Inside

A new LG smartphone boasting the model number “LG-F460L” has been recently spotted in what appears to be a .prop file within Android OS, bearing the codename “Tiger” (or tiger6). The handset is believed to be the rumored LG G3 “Prime”, and the device has been identified to take advantage of a Snapdragon 805 SoC (APQ8084). In turn, this would imply that the handset will also boast four Krait 450 CPU cores, an Adreno 420 graphics chip and support for LP-DDR3 memory, alongside potential download speeds of 225 Mbps thanks to the new Qualcomm MDM9635 modem.

Aside from these details, the source of this leak also suggests that the smartphone will boast a QHD display, 3 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage, a 13 MP camera, and everything will run on Android 4.4.2 with the latest LG user interface on top.

Evidently, we cannot confirm if the screenshot above is legit or not, but if it is, we should point out that the “.prop” files are used for storing config. information for apps.

Any thoughts regarding this new leak? If an LG G3 refresh is in the works, would you rather wait for it, or buy the G3 as soon as it hits the shelves in your region? Let us know in the comment section.

PS: One thing to keep in mind is that this LG G3 model might be reserved for the South Korean carriers and their LTE-A networks.