Leaked iPhone 6 Schematic Shows A 0.67-0.77 mm Protruding Camera

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The iPhone 6 is without a doubt the most leaked, rumored and controversial topic of discussion in the mobile world, and there’s not one week passing by without new bits and pieces of the Apple puzzle.

Earlier this week we’ve discussed the possibility that the iPhone 6 could have only 1 GB of RAM (as it turns out that’s not going to be the case), and we’ve also touched on the topic of LTE Cat.6, since the latest rumors suggest that Apple’s next best thing will lack the aforementioned connectivity feature.

Today a new schematic has emerged, seemingly “confirming” that the iPhone 6 will indeed have a protruding main camera, much like the dummy units previously captured on film have indicated.

Leaked iPhone 6 Schematic Shows A 0.67-0.77 mm Protruding Camera

Leaked iPhone 6 Schematic Shows A 0.67-0.77 mm Protruding Camera

iPhone 6 Schematics Shows a Protruding Camera

Apparently, the guys over at Apple Club have unearthed a leaked screenshot depicting some of the iPhone 6’s characteristics (we’re talking about the 4.7-inch model). Specifically, this leaked schematic suggests that the upcoming Apple flagship phone will have a 0.67 – 0.77 mm protruding camera.

Although we can’t confirm a lot of the rumors that have allegedly revealed the iPhone 6’s specifications so far, one of the things we’re quite certain about is that Apple strives to create an extremely thin flagship phone. Supposedly, the iPhone 6 will be at least 7 mm thin but in order to achieve this, the handset’s main camera needs to stand out a bit, literally. If this is indeed the case, then hopefully the main shooter’s performance will worth the effort.

Some might also argue that this choice in design doesn’t hold true to Apple’s standards, and that this is just the lazy way out of a difficult situation. Whatever the case, I’m fairly sure that the general public will put greater accent on the smartphone’s overall thinness (if impressive enough) rather than the way the main camera fits on the back panel. Any thoughts? Feel free to share them below.