LG Develops “Dual Edge” Display, Similar To What Galaxy S6 Edge Is Supposed To Have

Lately there have been plenty of rumors to strongly suggest that Samsung is working on a Galaxy S6 variant that will make use of a dual edge display, similar to the one fitted on the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge but bent on both the left and the right hand-side of the device. An intriguing concept indeed, but we musn’t forget that Samsung isn’t the only smartphone manufacturer who has a real interest in flexible displays. LG is pushing this market forward as well, and we’ve seen the company’s efforts at CES 2015 where the LG G Flex 2 became official.

Interestingly enough though, LG might make use of its flexible P-OLED technology again fairly soon, and in a slightly different manner than before. Reportedly, LG has developed a “Dual Edge” display of its own, which allegedly has already been demoed at CES 2015, behind closed doors. More details after the break.


LG Develops Dual Edge Display

According to a recent press release from LG Display, the company in question organized a “private showroom” at CES 2015, at the Bellagio hotel, where various products and technologies seem to have been revealed to potential partners and clients. Reportedly, the dual edge panel you see in the image above was showcased at the private showroom too.

The source of the image suggests that LG Display is already prepared to manufacture and sell the so-called “Active Bending” display to companies that might be interested in the product, and intriguingly enough, Xiaomi could be the first company to make use of LG’s latest creation. Long story short, a separate rumor that surfaced back in December suggested that the Xiaomi Arch will become the first (or one of the first) smartphones to employ a dual edge display, and word is that the panel will be supplied by LG Display.

Whether or not that’s true remains to be seen, but LG’s dual edge “Active Bending” display seems as real as it can be. We should also mention that, while the demoed unit has a diagonal of 6 inches and a rather low “HD” resolution, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the final product sold to partners will not have a higher pixel count. If LG could bump the screen’s resolution to 2K or at least 1080p, then it wouldn’t surprise us if the Korean tech giant would plan a “Dual Edged” limited edition LG G4 to go against the fabled Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves so let’s wrap things up. Until we find out more on the matter, feel free to leave a comment below.