LG Reportedly Working on LG G Flex’s Successor (LG G Flex 2 ?) – Features and Availability Rumors

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We’ve probably mentioned this before, but the LG G Flex is one of our favorite smartphones of 2013, simply because LG did not focus solely on increasing the numbers (CPU frequency, number of cores, number of pixels etc.). Instead, the G Flex represents the moment in time when LG finally got the chance to fit a smartphone with the flexible display it’s been working on for years.

This opened up new possibilities, and in case you’ve followed the blogosphere during these past several weeks, then you should be familiar with all the buzz surrounding G Flex’s ability to actually flex / bend, without taking any damage.

Point is, once you go “Flex” you might never want to go back, and apparently, LG’s intentions are to continue the “Flex” legacy. Check back after the break and we’ll discuss about the first rumors surrounding the LG Flex 2.

LG is Reportedly Working on a G Flex Successor – To Be Released in the Second Half of 2014

LG is Reportedly Working on a G Flex Successor – To Be Released in the Second Half of 2014

LG G Flex 2 – More Power, More Flexibility

The LG G Flex has been launched on the market not too long ago, and the handset is so fresh that carriers outside of LG’s home country haven’t really got the chance to pick it up yet. Nonetheless, the way that information is being passed along nowadays, it’s no wonder the Korean media is now buzzing with reports concerning an LG G Flex successor.

According to the sources, LG Electronics and LG Display are now working on creating a new generation of bendable smartphone displays that will allow the Korean giant to produce a so-called “LG Flex 2″. Our Korean is a bit rusty, but from what we’ve gathered, LG is already in the planning phase for mass producing this particular flexible panel.

The G Flex 2 (placeholder name) will supposedly improve on the G Flex’s ability to bend, and the device will allegedly be able to “flex” its chassis at 90 degrees. The body of the smartphone will be built out of a special hard rubber, and we presume that LG will equip this device with a flexible battery as well.

While no official word regarding the matter has reached our ears, I guess it’s safe to presume that the LG G Flex 2 -or whatever the name will be- will hit the market in the second half of year 2014; or roughly one year after the launch of the ongoing G Flex. At least that’s what the “industry sources” cited by the Korean media are claiming.

If a successor is really on its way, what would you like to be improved? What are your expectations from a G Flex 2? Let us know below.