LG G Watch 2 Already In The Making, To Compete With Apple’s iWatch?

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If just several days ago we’ve heard that even if ASUS hasn’t yet released its first smartwatch, the company is already mulling the idea of a second wrist gadget, a new report out of South Korea is claiming that LG is also making plans for its second smartwatch, tentatively named LG G Watch 2. However, unlike ASUS’ 2nd smartwatch, LG’s next iteration in the G Watch series is in a much more advanced stage of developement.

Even more, it looks like LG has big plans and high hopes for its upcoming device, which should sound good in the ears of those of you (many, without a doubt) who were left disappointed by LG’s first Android Wear gadget. Caught your attention? Stay with us for more details.

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LG’s First Android Wear Smartwatch

According to the Korean Times, LG is currently eying IFA as a possible venue for showcasing (whether public or behind close doors) its next smartwatch. Citing an LG official, the Korean publication says that the LG G Watch 2 is going to be a “serious game changer” and that it will directly compete with Apple’s iWatch. LG might not be up to date with the latest iWatch related rumors, but if the company really wants to bring the fight to Apple, it must mean that the next G Watch will indeed be one solid, premium product.

No specific details regarding the LG G Watch have been disclosed except the fact that it will feature a Qualcomm SoC (like its predecessor), as opposed to LG’s own Odin System-on-a-Chip. Allegedly, Odin is still not ready for prime time, despite being in development for quite a while.

For its next wearable, LG is reportedly collaborating with its affiliates, mainly LG Display, LG Inotek and LG Chem (which will provide the battery). And unlike Sony’s Smartwatch 3, the LG G Watch will still be running on Google’s Android Wear OS.

Another interesting detail, which might hint at the fact that LG’s next smartwatch will be a premium product, is that, just like Apple, LG is said to be in talks with “top watchmakers”. According to Korea Times’ source, LG has been “approached by a lot of authoritative watchmakers for strategic collaboration. They need us and LG also wants to use their well-known brand image to boost the awareness of our smartwatches in key target markets”.

That’s about it for now, but as soon as more details will become available we will let you know. In the meantime, how do you feel in regards to LG’s strategy to come up with a sequel so soon after the LG G Watch? Let us know in the comments section.


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