LG G Watch To Feature Cellular Connectivity?

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Without beating around the bush, we must admit that, from the sea of wearables expected to see the light of day by the end of 2014, so far the LG G Watch has been one of the most underwhelming smartwatches to be announced. The gadget appears to be built out of cheap-feeling plastic and its form factor could not be more basic, but the device in question is still some months away from its official market release, so we’ve hoped that there might still be a chance for the G to impress us somehow.

Well, today we’ve come across fresh reports suggesting that the LG G Watch might have a secret weapon, and all of a sudden the gadget managed to get our full attention. Interested in the full story? Then join us after the break for more.

LG G Watch To Feature Cellular Connectivity?

LG G Watch To Feature Cellular Connectivity?

LG G Watch to Feature Cellular Connectivity?

Earlier today the Korean media has reported that, according to “industry sources”, the LG G Watch will feature cellular connectivity via an USIM module (Universal Subscriber Identity Module). Allegedly, the Korean carrier LG U+ will be the first to release the LG G Watch in its stores, demonstrating the smartwatch’s cellular capabilities.

We should also note that this isn’t the first smartwatch it’s been rumored to come with cellular connectivity. In fact, a couple of months ago we’ve also reported that Samsung might be working on an independent Gear 2 spin-off with call making capabilities – a smartwatch that has later on become known as the “Samsung Gear Solo”.

With LG and Samsung competing side-by-side in the smartphone world, we wouldn’t be surprised if both companies would plan on releasing 3G-enabled smarwatches roughly in the same time-frame either. However, the G Watch is expected to become the first Android Wear wearable to go on sale, whereas the Gear Solo could be a Tizen-powered gadget, placing it in a slightly different league.

I guess only time will tell how the story will end, but until more details become available, feel free to drop us a comment below and let us know whether or not the LG G Watch has gotten a bit more interesting in your eyes, now that it might feature cellular connectivity.


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