Report: LG G2 Sales – Over 3 Million Units in 2013

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Roughly one month ago, we’ve talked about how LG’s mobile division is in in a rather awkward position: even though in Q3 2013 it sold $2.75 billion worth of phones (a 24% increase compared with Q3 2013) and increased its market share from 4.1% to 4.8%, the company actually lost money, mainly due to the LG G2 marketing campaign.

Although not official, analysts are expecting the numbers for Q4 2013 to tell roughly the same story: LG has sold around 13 million smartphones this quarter (as opposed to 12.1 million in Q3), and while the Nexus 5 and the LG G Flex have raised awareness for the brand, the same dreaded LG G2 marketing campaign will cause the manufacturer to still post a loss. But how many LG G2 units has LG actually managed to sell you ask? Join us after the break to see what analysts are saying.


According to the Korean media and analysts, LG managed to globally sell over 3 million LG G2 units, in 2013: one million between August and September and more than two million units in Q4.

Even though this paints a better picture than the Digitimes started rumor from a few days ago (which claimed that LG only shipped 2 million units, globally, in 2013), it still misses LG’s internal goal of selling more than 3 million LG G2s during the final quarter of 2013.

When you think about the fact that Samsung’s goals for 2013 were to sell 100 million Galaxy S and Note devices and 40 million tablets (goal wich, by the way, looks like it has been achieved), you can only draw one conclusion: Samsung is definitely playing in a league of its own, with none of the other smartphone and tablet manufacturers even coming close.


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