LG G3 Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update: Imminent Release Date?

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As some of our readers might recall, back in November word on the street was that the LG G3 released in H1 2014 will make the jump to Android 6.0 Marshmallow as early as December this year. In fact, the original report suggested that Marshmallow will land on the LG G3 in mid-December, between the 16th and 18th.

Technically, this means that Android 6 should arrive on the LG G3 in the coming days, but of course, OTA releases are not set in stone (not even when confirmed by official sources).

However, judging by the latest events in LG’s backyard, even if we assume that the G3 will not make the jump to Marshmallow tomorrow or the day after, the update’s release still seems imminent. This is because the Android 6.0 open source code for the international G3 recently popped up on LG’s official OpenSource code distribution website.

More details below.

LG G3 Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update: Imminent Release Date?

LG G3 Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update: Imminent Release Date?

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LG G3 Android 6.0 Marshmallow: Release Imminent?

Android Marshmallow v30a aimed at the international LG G3 – model number LG-D855 – was recently uploaded on the official LG SourceCode website. The package comes in a 1 GB zip archive, and its existence should indicate an imminent OTA release.

Previous rumors targeted a mid-December OTA launch for Android 6 on the G3, and now this particular timeframe seems even more of a real possibility. However, keep in mind that even if Marshmallow starts its journey on the G3 by the end of the week, not every G3 variant out there will receive the update at the same time. The international model seems to have priority, and judging by past events, the update might first hit the waves in Poland.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll keep you up to speed with further developments. Until then, don’t hesitate to head down to your phone’s settings menu (assuming you own an LG G3) and try triggering the OTA update manually. Maybe you’re in luck, and you’ll be among the first adopters!

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