LG Considering Eye and Fingerprint Recognition For LG G3

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The LG G Pro 2 made the headlines more often than not during the past 12 hours or so, and that’s because the Korean giant has finally lifted the veil on its new phablet. The time for leaks and rumors has ended for this particular device, at least in terms of what makes it tick. We now wave goodbye, and move on to focusing our attention towards whatever LG has to offer next.

Needless to say, we’re referring to the LG G3. The smartphone in question is considered to be the “real” flagship for year 2014, as it promises a QHD display and a ton of cool features that would further differentiate it from last year’s top-tier devices.

Two of the features that we’re looking forward to are eye and fingerprint recognition. Previous rumors have strongly suggested that these technologies might become available on the Galaxy S5, and given the fact that the LG G3 is supposed to go head-to-head with Samsung’s finest, we’re wondering whether or not the G3 will have what it takes to compete.

LG Considering Eye and Fingerprint Recognition For LG G3

LG Considering Eye and Fingerprint Recognition For LG G3

LG is Considering Eye and Fingerprint Recognition for the LG G3

As most of you know, the LG G2 was originally planned with a fingerprint sensor in mind, and while it didn’t happen, we all know that the back-fitted volume rocker and power button are the remains of the original design.

Back in January we’ve reported that the LG might eventually implement this technology and design in the upcoming LG G3, but there’s more.

After the LG G Pro 2 has been unveiled in Korea, Cho Sung Ha of LG held a press conference in which he gave a few more details regarding G Pro 2’s release in various parts of the world. When asked about fingerprint and eye recognition sensors on the upcoming G3, LG officials said that they are considering the possibility of making such technology available.

The LG G Pro 2, unlike earlier rumors, does not feature a fingerprint sensor. Instead, the manufacturer has implemented a feature called “Knock Code”, where in order to wake up the phone, the user needs to “tap” a previously defined code on G Pro 2’s screen. This method seems faster than having to unlock the phone and then manually inputting the PIN sequence or drawing an unlock pattern.

Both Apple and Samsung are said to deliver on-screen fingerprint scanning and various other goodies on their next flagship devices, and we’re hoping that LG will not miss the train once more. Only time will tell, so stay tuned and we’ll keep you up to speed.


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