Report: LG Says That LG G3 and LG Isai Are “Completely Different Products”

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Following a few sets of leaks and rumors that have been hitting the blogosphere during these past several weeks, yesterday the gorgeous LG Isai has been made official in Japan, by none other than KDDI. As previously mentioned, the Isai has been developed by LG in conjunction with the aforementioned Japanese carrier, and the handset in question is supposed to be an exclusive KDDI smartphone.

However, if history is any indication, the upcoming LG G3 (which is expected to be launched on a wider scale – including on the International market) should share numerous design elements and hardware specifications with the new Isai. This has been speculated numerous times before, reason why we, and tons of other tech news websites have considered the Isai to be a sneak preview of things to come via the LG G3. But interestingly enough, LG now claims that this is not the case.

Report: LG Says That LG G3 and LG Isai Are "Completely Different Products"

Report: LG Says That LG G3 and LG Isai Are “Completely Different Products”

LG Claims that the LG G3 and Isai are Completely Different

A new report coming from the Korean media has revealed that, according to LG Electronics, the LG G3 and the Isai are two completely different products. However, while LG could argue that the Isai is not meant to be retailed as “the Japanese LG G3 variant”, we really can’t help but point out the major similarities between the Isai and the rumored / leaked LG G3. As such, claiming that these handsets are “completely different” seems a bit off.


It doesn’t take a keen eye to spot the similarities between the Isai and the LG G3 (in leaked photos at least – as seen above), and chances are that the 5.5 QHD display fitted on the Isai is the exact same display which will be used on the upcoming G3 – not to mention other hardware components which will most likely be found on both smartphones.

Nevertheless, the LG G3 is not yet official, and perhaps the Korean tech giant might actually speak the truth. Perhaps the G3 will be a completely different device, but in all honesty, we doubt that’s going to be the case. Either way, we’ll bring you up to speed as soon as the story develops, so stay tuned.