LG G3 Price Tag Gets Mentioned By Several Online Retailers

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Lately, the LG G3 has enjoyed a lot of time under the spotlight, despite the fact that the handset in question is not yet available for purchase. Regardless, numerous LG G3-related rumors and leaks have hit the blogosphere during these past several weeks, giving us bits of clues concerning the smartphone’s whereabouts.

As earlier reports would let you know, the LG G3 could be revealed / released sometime by the end of this month, and judging by all the commotion, the handset might indeed be just around the corner. In fact, several online retailers from Scandinavia have recently started listing the G3 on their virtual shelves, alongside the gadget’s alleged price tag. Check out the full story right after the break.

LG G3 Price Tag Gets Mentioned By Several Online Retailers

LG G3 Price Tag Gets Mentioned By Several Online Retailers

LG G3 Price Tag(s) Get Mentioned by Online Retailers

Several online retailers from Scandinavia have recently added the G3 to their line-up, with prices ranging from 613 euros to 729 euros.

First in line is the Finnish retailer “Kasuplan”, where the LG G3 in Gold featuring 16 GB of storage has popped-up at the price of 613 euros. The same retailer is listing the 32 GB model in white, at the price of 659 euros.

A second Finnish retailer which is mentioning the LG G3 is “Multitronic”, where the 16 GB variant in Gold has popped-up next to the price of 678 euros. The 32 GB model -in white- has been associated with a higher price tag of 730 euros.

The handset also appeared on the webpage of a Norwegian distributor, but no prices have been disclosed.

We should mention that all of the aforementioned prices include the 22% VAT, and we also need to remind you that they are not official. They are “placeholder” prices and probably subject to change. They should, however, give us a hint on the LG G3’s price range, once the smartphone officially hits the shelves.

Any LG enthusiasts out there waiting for the G3 to go on sale? Do any of you plan on buying the gadget at launch?