LG G3 Prime (with Snapdragon 805) Gets Pretty Much Confirmed, Available For Pre-Order

The LG G3 took the mobile world by storm when it became official several weeks ago, and since then the handset continued to be held in high regards for its specifications, its QHD display, and of course, its design. Nevertheless, LG’s biggest rival (Samsung) kept an ace up its sleeve, and shortly after the LG G3 became official, Samsung also released the Galaxy S5 LTE-A, boasting a more powerful Snapdragon 805 SoC and LTE-A capabilities, just as the moniker suggests.

Interestingly enough, LG doesn’t seem to want and give up the fight, and earlier in June we came across reports suggesting that the Korean tech giant was planning on releasing a more powerful LG G3 variant dubbed the “G3 Prime”. Today we circle back to the aforementioned device, as one of Korea’s malls appears to have already confirmed the handset’s existence.

LG G3 Prime Gets (Indirectly) Confirmed

Despite the fact that LG hasn’t officially confirmed the G3 Prime yet, one of Korea’s malls is now listing the handset in question as being available for reservation / pre-order. The translation is a bit dodgy, so we can’t be 100% certain if the LG G3 Prime is available for pre-order or a simple reservation, but whatever the case, the handset’s existence has been indirectly confirmed by the retailer, and that’s what interests us the most at this point in time.

Now, given the fact that the smartphone in question isn’t outright listed as being the “LG G3 Prime”, you might be wondering why we’re calling it that. The answer is quite obvious if you’re familiar with the chipset industry, mainly because the Snapdragon 801 CPU fitted on the “regular” LG G3 doesn’t have Cat.6 LTE-A capabilities. The only available Qualcomm chip featuring these characteristics is the Snapdragon 805, so we’re clearly dealing with an upgraded model.

What are your thoughts on these recent developments? Do you think it makes sense for LG to launch a LTE-A-enabled G3 Prime shortly after the G3′s release? Feel free to share your opinions below.