LG Display Scores Big As It Will Be The Largest iPhone 6 Display Supplier (Rumor)

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Based on past events and a number of recent reports, the arrival of the iPhone 6 might change the mobile market to great extent. The next-gen iPhone is an extremely anticipated device and Apple expects to sell an unprecedented number of units.

This is where things get a bit fuzzy, as we enter the world of supply chains. As previously reported, the high number of iPhone orders will keep suppliers busy for a long time, and this might encourage or force some of them to increase their prices for companies other than Apple. In other words, while some suppliers might thrive from the hype, a large part of smartphone manufacturers could face supply issues and / or higher production costs. However, certain companies (other than Apple) will earn a profit on account of the iPhone 6, and LG might be one of them.

LG Display Scores Big As It Will Be The Largest iPhone 6 Display Supplier (Rumor)

LG Display Scores Big As It Will Be The Largest iPhone 6 Display Supplier (Rumor)

LG Display to Become the Largest iPhone 6 Display Supplier?

According to a recent report, numerous display suppliers have attempted to sign up with Apple in order to provide panels for the company’s upcoming flagship phone, but out of the bunch, LG Display stood out the most. Apparently, the Korean tech giant beat Samsung, Sharp and Japan Display to it, and has now become the largest display supplier for the upcoming iPhone 6.

Unfortunately, this supply chain report doesn’t go into further detail as it would have definitely been interesting to see how many orders have the aforementioned companies received. We’ve previously heard that Samsung and Sharp have been left out, with Taiwan’s Innolux grabbing a share of the orders.

Evidently, this collaboration between Apple and LG Display should be profitable for both companies, but like we’ve previously heard, it might end up hurting LG as a corporation.

Whatever the case, the launch of the iPhone 6 will most likely create ripples throughout the mobile world, and we’re quite curious to see how the whole story will eventually pan out. Any thoughts? Have you ever witnessed the quality of LG Display-made panels? Were you impressed or disappointed? Let us know in the comments section.