If LG Would’ve Had Its Way, Nexus 5 Would Have Been Called Nexus G

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The Nexus 5 is currently one of the hottest Android smartphones money can buy (if not for the specs alone, at least due to the value for money ratio), and Google / Android enthusiasts already know what the gadget is all about. The handset in question is the 5th smartphone in the Nexus series and introduces a new operating system (Android 4.4 KitKat), features top-tier hardware specs, an OIS camera, and as is tradition, it comes at a pretty damn good price.

In any case, most of you should already know that the Nexus 5 has been built by LG. The handset in question has its roots deep into the LG G2, which has been launched not too long ago. Why am I reminding you of this? Well, interestingly enough, according to our latest findings, LG would’ve liked the Nexus 5 to bear a different moniker in order for the device to show its heritage. More after the break.

If LG Would've Had Its Way, Nexus 5 Would Have Been Called Nexus G

If LG Would’ve Had Its Way, Nexus 5 Would Have Been Called Nexus G

What Could’ve Been: LG Nexus G

According to the Korean media, LG has actually discussed with Google in regards to the latest Nexus smartphone’s moniker. Apparently, LG would’ve liked the Nexus 5 to be called the “Nexus G”, but for whatever reasons, Google denied the manufacturer’s request. We all know how the story developed from here on out.

However, the point is that the “Nexus G” moniker would’ve made a lot of sense. Think about it this way: first of all, Samsung has been able to brand the 2nd and 3rd Nexus smartphones to show the heritage (the Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus respectively). Second of all, earlier this year, LG has changed its naming policy for top-tier smartphones.

As such, the “Optimus” nametag has been dropped from flagship phones, and as a result the LG G2 and the G Flex hit the market under the names that they did.

So, once again, although it would’ve made sense for the Nexus 5 to be called the Nexus G, the negotiations didn’t go in LG’s favor, and that’s the end of it. The question is, would’ve you preferred the “G” moniker, rather than the “Nexus 5″? Does the name of your smartphone matters to you? In any case, feel free to share your opinions below.