LG-Made Nexus: In October with 3D Camera and Android M?

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So far there have been countless reports to suggest that this year Google will release two Nexus smartphones which will be manufactured by Huawei and LG respectively.

Not much is known about these mysterious devices, but according to a new report from Korea, LG’s next Nexus device will fit in the premium market, it will be running Android M out of the box, and it will allegedly take advantage of a 3D camera setup.

Truth be told we haven’t heard much about 3D smartphone camera setups for some time; at least not in the same sense as the LG Optimus 3D. Nowadays, 3D cameras are generally used for depth perception, special awareness / augmented reality.

LG Made Nexus: In October with 3D Camera and Android M?

LG Made Nexus: In October with 3D Camera and Android M?

LG-Made Nexus with Android M and 3D Camera

According to a new report from South Korea, a local part manufacturer has apparently supplied LG Electronics with a 3D camera module which will be used on LG’s next premium Nexus smartphone. Furthermore, the flagship will run Android M – much like you would expect from a brand new Nexus – and it will allegedly be officially introduced in October.

It’s not entirely clear from the report, but it looks like it’s trying to convey the idea that the 3D camera solution will incorporate two camera modules and an infrared sensor in order to provide 3D-based graphics and an intuitive UI.

Now, while the source doesn’t reveal much else about whatever might make this contender tick, the use of the “premium” term to describe the device makes us ponder on the market price. Google’s Nexus smartphones have usually been sold at lower price ranges than the competition (at least the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5), but this changed last year with the ginormous Nexus 6. And because the upcoming LG Nexus smartphone is now referred to as a “premium” handset, chances are that it will be priced accordingly, especially if it will make use of advanced 3D camera features and who knows what other special characteristics.

Do you think an LG-made Nexus smartphone with a 3D camera and Android M would make for a nice package?



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