LG Nuclun 2 Will Power V10 Sequel, Not Powerful Enough For G5 (Rumor)

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At this point, most next-gen mobile SoCs hold little to no mysteries, but of course, a couple of mobile CPUs continue to elude us as they seem to be pegged for a later release than the Snapdragon 820, the Exynos 8890, and the Kirin 950.

One of these mobile APs is LG’s own Nuclun 2. Initially rumored to be launched in 2015, the second Nuclun was reportedly delayed until 2016 on account that it may integrate an LTE-A modem. Today we came across a new rumor suggesting that the Nuclun 2 will not be ready to hit the market in the first half of 2016, which means it won’t be used by the LG G5.

Instead, fresh rumors have it that the Nuclun 2 will power the LG V10 sequel, which should hit the shelves in the later part of 2016 – assuming that LG will maintain a yearly release cycle.

Details after the break.

LG Nuclun 2 Will Power V10 Sequel, Not Powerful Enough For G5 (Rumor)

LG Nuclun 2 Will Power V10 Sequel, Not Powerful Enough For G5 (Rumor)

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LG Nuclun 2 To Power the Next-Gen LG V10?

Weibo leakster going by the name of “i Ice Universe” seems to have new information regarding the availability of LG’s Nuclun 2. If these fresh rumors turn out to be true, then the chipset in question will be commercially available next year. Furthermore, the source adds that although the Nuclun 2 will be slightly more powerful than the Kirin 950, LG has decided against using it on the LG G5 on account that it’s not powerful enough.

With that being said, word on the street is that the Nuclun 2 will debut on the LG V10 sequel, which was previously rumored to hit the shelves sometime in the second half of 2016. These were the same reports suggesting that the LG G5 will be unveiled in April and that the Flex series will not receive a sequel next year.

As for the chipset itself, the Nuclun 2 is reportedly based on Cortex-A53 and Cortex-A72 cores, and should be manufactured by TSMC using a 16nm process. Early leaks have shown that Intel’s 14nm prototype performed better than TSMC’s version, but later rumors suggested that Intel will not be involved in the chip’s production due to low production capacity.

Whatever the case may be, we hope that the Nuclun 2 will not flop like its predecessor did, primarily because the LG V10 is an interesting (and perhaps underrated) device deserving of a worthy sequel. Needless to say, it would be a shame if the LG V10 2 would bomb because of LG’s in-house CPU.

But until more details emerge, let’s maintain a positive attitude and let’s treat the rumors accordingly. After all, they are subject to change, and we’re pretty confident that LG does not want to repeat the same mistakes twice.


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