LG Optimus G Shapes Up To Be Quite A Beast – Release Date: October

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During the past few weeks the LG Optimus G has started to give signs of arrival and we couldn’t find a better release timeframe other than Q4 this year, when the most powerful and sought-after devices are going to be launched, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the LTE-Enabled European Galaxy S3, the iPhone 5 and a whole lot of Windows Phone 8 devices such as the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820.

Will LG manage to make a splash on the market considering its fierce competition? Well, on paper it seems to be powerful enough to simply crush its competition hands down. The good news is that LG has recently officially unveiled the device and well, it even succeeds our expectations.

LG Optimus G Shapes Up To Be Quite A Beast - Release Date: October

LG Optimus G Shapes Up To Be Quite A Beast - Release Date: October

LG Optimus G – Specs and Features

Alright guys and girls, the Optimus G has finally been officially unveiled and it looks like it’s getting ready to hit the Korean market next week.

In case you’re not familiarized with the hardware that makes this beast tick, here’s the skinny:

– 4.7 inch True HD IPS PLUS screen with a resolution of 1280 x 769
– Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor clocked at 1.5 GHz
– 2 GB of RAM
– 32 GB of internal storage
– 13 MP camera on the back coupled with a 1.3 MP front facing sensor
– a 2100 mAh battery delivering enough juice for 15 hours of talk time / 335 hours of standby (non-removable)
– Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

On paper everything shapes up to be great, but in reality, it’s even better than that. The S4 Pro CPU appears to be ridiculously fast, as in, blazing fast! The 13 MP camera also plays a big role and we’ve been told that it’s the best the market has to offer at this point. It certainly offers some pretty interesting features, such as the way the camera app works where it’s actually recording before you press the shutter.

Additionally, the on-screen keyboard seems to be pretty good and it might be able to compete with 3rd party keyboard apps, something we haven’t seen too often. The Optimus G also comes with a new user interface and boy, does it deliver! It includes QSlide, a feature that enables the user to view two screens on the same display at once and work with both of them, simultaneously, it comes with live zooming for videos and QuickMemo, a feature that allows you to add notes to a screen shot.

Overall, we’ve just scratched the surface but it seems like LG will deliver one hell of a smartphone this year. Be warned!

LG Optimus G Shapes Up To Be Quite A Beast

LG Optimus G Shapes Up To Be Quite A Beast

LG Optimus G Release Date

Now that the device has caught your attention (and if not then I’m sorry, that’s your problem and not the device’s) then you might wonder when exactly will it be available for purchase and when.

As mentioned above, the Optimus G will hit the Korean market next week but that might not interest you that much. Well, we don’t really have an exact launch date concerning Europe or US, but LG has mentioned that the global launch will commence soon after the device gets released in Korea and we’ll be able to grab one sometime in October. When is it going to arrive in the US? It seems like November is the month.

Any takers?

Thanks Android Central for the heads-up regarding the LG Optimus G.