LG Optimus G2 – Innovation (For Better Or Worse) – Release Date: July (Rumored)

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LG Optimus G2 – Let’s See How It Shapes Up

Recently we’ve been assaulted by tons of leaks regarding the fabled LG Optimus G2. We’ve not only discussed its hardware specs, but a handful of leaked images have also emerged not long ago, giving us a sneak peek at how the gadget might end up looking like once it hits the shelves. More so, a couple of days ago we’ve explored the possibility that the Optimus G2 could hit the market earlier than expected, at least in South Korea, where SK Telecom is getting ready to fire-up its LTE-A network.

But speaking of the handset’s design, up until now we’ve only seen the alleged front panel of the handset, yet we haven’t really seen what’s on the back. Thanks to a set of recently leaked images, that’s no longer an issue.

LG Optimus G2 - Innovation (For Better Or Worse)

LG Optimus G2 – Innovation (For Better Or Worse)

LG Optimus G2 – Convenience or Not?

@evleakswho has provided interesting and quite accurate information in the past – has recently posted a handful of pics snapped from what seems to be a video presentation dubbed “Learning from you LG G2“.

To begin with, if this is genuine then the Optimus G2 might actually arrive under the name of LG G2, as previously rumored. More importantly, the front panel looks similar to what we’ve seen in earlier leaked photos. Last but certainly not least, there are a handful of back-mounted buttons which seem to control the volume.

LG G2 Volume Controls - Convenient?

LG G2 Volume Controls – Convenient?

Is this convenient? Well, at first glance it looks like it could be a good idea. The volume controls seem to be easily accessible while in a phone call.

However, we’re wondering whether or not these buttons will also be used as zoom controls for the camera, and if they will, then I think that’s where the convenient part kind of stops dead in its tracks.

To be honest, if this gadget is the real deal then I’m quite curious to see how it all works out in the end. The placement of these buttons is undeniably unique and it may be received with a mixed bag of opinions and reviews. We’ll have to wait and see how the story develops.

What do you think about how the LG (Optimus) G2 shapes up? Innovation? Evolution? Let us know in the comments section.

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