LG, Samsung Seeing Amazon’s Fire Phone As A Potential Game Changer?

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Every year we excitedly wait for new smartphones to hit the shelves, and in the process we tend to dig a lot of official and unofficial information regarding whatever the future holds for us. It’s an exciting and apparently everlasting process that keeps us glued to our keyboards and monitors, but in all honesty, there’s also a sense of repetition to all of this. Flagship devices usually pack the latest and greatest hardware components available, resulting in numerous devices that basically share the same hardware characteristics. This actually gives manufacturers a headache, as every respectable company wishes to deliver a unique product that could change the game. Some manufacturers (such as Samsung) pair up their smartphones with a unique user interface that gives its devices a certain identity (for better or worse), but other companies push the limits much further.

We’ve actually been waiting for a “game changer” for quite a while – a smartphone that would deliver more than just the sum of its hardware components. By the looks of it, the Amazon Fire Phone might be that device, and both LG as well as Samsung appear to feel threatened by it.

LG, Samsung See Amazon's Fire Phone As A Potential Game Changer?

LG, Samsung See Amazon’s Fire Phone As A Potential Game Changer?

LG, Samsung see Amazon’s Fire Phone as a Potential Game Changer

According to the Korean media (citing “industry sources”), both LG and Samsung are keeping a watchful eye on the Amazon Fire Phone, in an attempt to figure out how this device can affect the smartphone industry. LG and Samsung are taking into account the possibility that the Amazon Fire Phone could change the mobile game forever, as this particular device seem to offer a good balance between affordability, ease of access to content, great service and cloud storage.

Leaving the hardware performance aside, the above-mentioned aspects are the key elements for a great user experience. Add to that the fact that the Amazon Fire Phone comes with a unique 3D-esque user interface and we have ourselves a potential game changer.

If the Fire Phone will truly change the rules of the game, then we’re very eager to see how the big players out there such as LG and Samsung are going to respond. Samsung already had an attempt at creating its own ecosystem called “JAMONG”, but last time we checked, the project has been abandoned, or at least shelved.

All in all, we too are going to keep an eye on Amazon, hoping that the giant retailer has what it takes to bump the industry to to the next level. What are your thoughts on the Fire Phone, and how could LG and Samsung respond to this threat? Feel free to share your thoughts below.


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