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LG Spectrum Ice Cream Sandwich – Looks Like It’s Ready (Android 4 ICS)

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With Android 4.1 Jelly Bean stealing the spotlight lately, it’s time to talk about Ice Cream Sandwich for a change, because despite the fact that JB is making its way slowly but surely towards a wide range of devices including some HTC handsets and Asus tablets, there are still plenty of gadgets out there that need their promised Ice Cream Sandwich.

LG Spectrum Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.1)

One of these handsets is of course the LG Spectrum. As you may recall, a few days ago we’ve reported that Android 4.0 for the Spectrum might be just around the corner. Sure enough, the update looks like it’s ready to be rolled-out. Check back after the break for details.

LG Spectrum Ice Cream Sandwich - Looks Like It’s Ready (Android 4 ICS)

LG Spectrum Ice Cream Sandwich - Looks Like It’s Ready (Android 4 ICS)

Last week, word around the campfire was that the update is pretty much ready and all that remains now is for Verizon to give the green light. Apparently Big Red is indeed making the necessary preparations for deploying Ice Cream Sandwich on the Spectrum. In other words, the carrier has published a brand new guide for the device, this time with ICS related step-by-step tutorials: notification swiping, simple folder creation, task switching and all that good stuff. You can download the guide here if you’re interested.

What’s more interesting is that according to this new guide, the upcoming update for the Spectrum reveals that LG has offered the ability to use or create custom icons without 3rd party launchers.

It all sounds very interesting, but as far as the release date goes, Verizon has decided to remain quiet so we’re still shooting in the dark. That being said, we’re definitely going to keep an eye out on the LG Spectrum and keep you informed as soon as the story develops. Stay tuned!

Thanks Droid Life for the heads-up regarding the LG Spectrum Ice Cream Sandwich update.