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LG Bets Big On Wearables As A 2nd Smartwatch Is Reportedly In The Works

by Mihai Matei on April 8, 2014

You’ve probably heard this before, and now that we’re stepping in the second quarter of the year, you’ve probably starting to notice it first hand: the smartwatch / wearable device market is getting a lot of attention this year.

Android Wear is on its way, numerous companies are joining Google, and countless other tech giants are doing their own thing – such as Samsung with the Gear 2 series and the Tizen platform.

Nevertheless, we have a feeling that Android Wear is going to change the smartwatch market to a greater extent than any other Android-powered smartwatch before it. Motorola is already working on the beautiful Moto 360, and LG will reportedly be the first company to release an Android Wear-powered smartwatch.

Speaking of LG, it appears that the Korean tech giant is really betting big on wearables this year, as a second smartwatch is allegedly already in the works.

LG Bets Big On Wearables As A 2nd Smartwatch Is Reportedly In The Works

LG Bets Big On Wearables As A 2nd Smartwatch Is Reportedly In The Works

LG Working on a Second Smartwatch After The LG G Watch

LG has recently fired up its Facebook page for the upcoming G Watch, and this gave the company the opportunity to post a clearer image with the gadget in question (the one you see above).

But, the more interesting bit of news (or rumor) is that, according to the Taiwanese media, LG is working on a second smartwatch, which might hit the shelves shortly after the G Watch. The aforementioned gadget is expected to go on sale this summer.

We’re a bit low on details concerning this mysterious new contender, but if LG is indeed working on it, then we’re bound to dig out more leaks and rumors sooner rather than later.

We should also mention that LG is also expected to release the Lifeband Touch wrist gadget, so all in all, it looks like the Korean giant is indeed betting big on wearables this year. Would you be interested in either one of LG’s wrist products? Let us know in the comment section.


  • metronome

    Hey instead check out the “Exetech XS-4″, they really nailed the smartwatch idea,

    Does loads more than just popping Android Wear notifications on your wrist!

    They actually included loads of useful tech needed to make a viable smartwatch,

    Two words, battery length and waterproofing! Grab one from the link below….



    Octa-Core (think future proofing)…

    Solar self charging Photovoltaic layer (Haven’t seen this on anything else!)

    Waterproof IP 67 (Yup you’ll be swim and listen to music in the shower with that)

    Hydrophobic water repellent nano coating (water literally slides off)

    AMOLED, nice powersaving :)

    Huge 800 mah battery, double what other smartwatches have.

    Standalone device, doesn’t need to be stuck to your phone to work

    2nd generation device from an already established manufacturer…

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