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Has The Metal Built Samsung Galaxy F Just Been Certified By Bluetooth?

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Samsung has been one of the busiest manufacturers around, and since the beginning of the year the company lifted the veil on a ton of new devices, from low-end budget smartphones to top-tier beasts such as the Galaxy S5 and its LTE-A spin-off. In fact, Samsung launched a handful of other smartphones that draw their inspiration from the S5, including the Galaxy K Zoom, the Active and the more exclusive SGS5 Sport. However, while most of these previously rumored gadgets have been confirmed and / released, one handset in particular still eludes us, and in case you haven’t guessed already, then we’re referring to the Samsung Galaxy F.

The good news is that during these past couple of weeks, the SGF has been increasingly spotted in the wild, which brings the smartphone closer to the finish line. Now, it appears that the Galaxy F might’ve also paid Bluetooth SIG a visit.

Has The Metal Built Samsung Galaxy F Just Been Certified By Bluetooth?

Has The Metal Built Samsung Galaxy F Just Been Certified By Bluetooth?


Samsung Galaxy F got Certified by Bluetooth? Or Is It The European Galaxy S5 LTE-A?

A Samsung smartphone featuring the model number SM-G901F has been spotted in the database of Bluetooth SIG. Previously, the “SM-G901F” model number has been associated with the mysterious Galaxy F as well as the LTE-A, but now that the Galaxy S5 LTE-A has already been released (with model number SM-G906X), there aren’t a lot of other high-end devices that could boast the aforementioned model number, aside of course from the Galaxy F.

[UPDATE] As it has been brought to our attention (thanks Martin!), this might actually be the European version of the LTE-A model. Considering that it was announced that the aforementioned smartphone will be a Korean exclusive, this is actually good news.

If the F (or the European version of the Galaxy S5 LTE-A) got certified by Bluetooth, then this is a clear indicator that the handset’s release date is closing in pretty fast. Rumor has it that the smartphone will go on sale in September, alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which will be unveiled at IFA in Berlin.

Until we find out more about Samsung’s plans in regards to the metal-built Galaxy F, stick around and don’t forget to join the comments section.