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Can Microsoft Surface Pro Boost Sales After Surface RT’s Strke Two ?

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As you all know by now, the Microsoft Surface RT has been the company’s first tablet to hit the market, and it did so back in October, packing the Windows RT operating system. This last “Windows RT” bit is something that raised a lot of questions, as far as the success of the tablet goes, as the OS comes with a few limitations that have apparently turned a lot of potential customers away from the device.

We’ve already mentioned that the Microsoft Surface RT had a modest start, according to analysts, and we’ve also hoped (and still do) that the Surface Pro will save Microsoft’s tablet efforts and will establish a foothold on the tablet market. Will this be the case?

Can Microsoft Surface Pro Boost Sales After Surface RT's Strke Two ?

Can Microsoft Surface Pro Boost Sales After Surface RT's Strke Two ?

Microsoft Surface Pro – Will it be enough?

Back in Q3 2012 Microsoft has made it pretty clear that its intentions are to retail the device in its own pop-up stores, without relying on 3rd party retailers such as Best Buy etc. Needless to say, the software giant had high hopes for its product but because Microsoft’s expectations have not been met, before the holidays, the company decided to start offering its Surface RT tablet in other stores as well, such as Staples and Best Buy.

The problem is that according to analysts who got in touch with these retailers, the Surface RT hasn’t actually sold that great and sales figures have been “modest” at best. There are a few reasons for that, one of them being simply because the Surface RT is a fresh product and not only are the customers reluctant to join this new ecosystem, but the staff at certain stores is also reluctant to promote this rather unfamiliar product and it’s directing potential customers towards more popular tablets.

Judging by this piece of info alone, the question at this point is whether or not the Surface Pro will make a difference once it’s going to hit the shelves. For Microsoft’s sake and also because I’m personally fond of the idea of a Windows 8 tablet, I hope that the majority of gadget enthusiasts that have turned down the Surface RT haven’t necessarily done so because they’re reluctant to give this new concept of a Microsoft tablet a try, without actually knowing what it’s all about. If they did then the Surface Pro might also be in big trouble. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see how the next chapter of this story will develop, but perhaps it would be in everyone’s interest if Microsoft would try and raise awareness regarding its upcoming Windows 8 Pro slate.

Stay tuned and feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Thanks Pocket Now for the heads-up regarding Surface RT’s end-of-year status.

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