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Microsoft Surface Pro Release Date Brought Forward To Compensate For Surface RT’s “Modest” Start ?

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The Microsoft Surface RT is not a bad product (in fact we find it quite attractive) but our guesses are that every Windows RT product out there had a pretty rough start. Fairly high price-tags and the fact that you can’t run full-fledged Windows software on the RT operating system might have had something to do with that, but still, it’s not really the end of the world and although the sales figures are not as high as the Redmond-based company would’ve liked, the Surface Pro could fix that.

Microsoft Surface Pro Release Date Brought Forward To Compensate For Surface RT's "Modest" Start ?

Microsoft Surface Pro Release Date Brought Forward To Compensate For Surface RT's "Modest" Start ?

Microsoft Surface Pro Release Date

We’ve previously talked at length about Steve Ballmer and his statement that the Surface RT had a “modest start”, and whether or not he was referring to the supply of the device (as he explained later on) or the sheer sales figures as many analysts have speculated, fact of the matter is that Microsoft has planned for 4 million Surface RT units to be sold by the end of the year, but because the quota will most likely not be met, the company has now lowered its expectations down to 2 million.

Analysts are now foreseeing that starting with next year, Surface RT sales figures will go down even further, but that has nothing to do with the tablet alone and the lower sales will be a direct result of the Windows RT OS limitations. That being said, the Surface will not be the only one in the boat and other manufacturers such as Samsung, Dell and Asus will share the same fate when it comes to their Windows RT-powered gadgets.

The good news, at least for Microsoft, is that the situation might change for the better once the Surface Pro arrives on the market, reason why they’ve lowered their expectations regarding RT sales and are now making room for the more potent device. The company in Redmond should’ve figured out that there are many enthusiasts out there who are looking for a full-fledged desktop experience on their tablet, thus they’re waiting for the Surface Pro to arrive.

With that in mind, sources are now speculating that Microsoft will release the Microsoft Surface Pro in January only because the Surface RT is not doing so well.

Whether or not the Surface Pro will manage to sell better than its RT counterpart remains to be seen, as the price-range poses a few issues as well. Many enthusiasts have voiced their opinions and most of them seem to share the same thought “$1,000+ is too expensive for a tablet” (Microsoft Surface Pro 64GB – $899, 128GB – $999, Touch Cover – $120, Type Cover – $130).

Nevertheless we should keep in mind that the Microsoft Surface Pro is powered by an Intel Core i5 CPU, it has 4 GB of RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU and 64/128 GB of SSD storage, features that you usually get from a Laptop/Desktop PC. We would have loved to see a lower price-tag than $1,000, but we can’t expect the Surface Pro to be in the same price-range as an Android tablet (or the Microsoft Surface RT for that matter) either.