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Microsoft Surface Pro To Save Microsoft’s Tablet Efforts ?

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Back in August we’ve discussed a bit about Microsoft’s plans on retailing its upcoming (at that time) Surface RT tablet, and we were told that the Redmond based company wants to push 3 million units at launch. We found this to be an extremely ambitious target considering Microsoft’s retailing methods, but then we found out that the company intends on opening 32 pop-up stores across the US and Canada. Even so, 3 million units still seemed a bit excessive, but not impossible.

More recently however, a couple of weeks after the Microsoft Surface RT hit the market, the company’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, has mentioned, in an interview with Le Parisien, that the Surface RT was off to a “modest” start, and evidently a lot of people were wondering if he was referring to the sheer sales figures.

In the meantime, Steve’s references to the “modest” start have been removed from Le Parisien’s source article and later on it has been reported that what Microsoft’s CEO was referring to as being “modest”, was the supply of the device, not the sales figures or the demand.

Will Microsoft Surface Pro Save Microsoft's Tablet Efforts ?

Will Microsoft Surface Pro Save Microsoft's Tablet Efforts ?

Nevertheless, a few unnamed sources have followed-up with their own statements and allegedly, judging by how the Surface RT has been doing so far, Microsoft will only manage to reach roughly 60% of its predicted/intended sales figures by the end of the year.

But once again, this is not official and these percentages are based on speculations, but the aforementioned sources claim that Microsoft will fail to achieve its goals simply because the Surface RT comes at a high price considering the hardware’s performance, and also because the RT is limited in terms of software compatibility.

With that in mind, perhaps the Microsoft Surface Pro, which is powered by the full-fledged Windows 8 operating system, might do the trick and help the company achieve its goals, given that the tablet will hit the market within the next 3 or 4 weeks (as previous rumors have suggested). However, Microsoft really needs to price the Surface Pro carefully if the company wants to avoid what shapes up to be a “small fiasco”. But, if you think about it, if the Microsoft Surface Pro price tag will be only slightly higher than the one Surface RT comes with, the company will effectively kill its Windows RT powered tablet. Decisions, decisions …

In any case, we’ll keep an eye on Microsoft so stay tuned for more.

Thanks Pocket Now for the heads-up regarding Microsoft’s tablet efforts.

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