Microsoft Surface Pro vs Microsoft Surface RT Video – What You Should Know

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Microsoft Surface Pro vs Surface RT – Brotherly Fight

As we all know, the Microsoft Surface RT got launched about four months ago and needless to say, it hasn’t been as successful as Microsoft would’ve wanted, for a handful of reasons. The biggest of them however, was that the RT does not support Windows legacy software, as the Microsoft Surface RT can only run apps that are being designed for it and sold/downloaded via the Microsoft Store.

Nonetheless, the Surface Pro is completely different in this regard as it arrives with Windows 8 out of the box and can run your regular “desktop” software with ease.

Anyhow, there are other differences between these two tablets, and if you’re wondering which one you should pick up, you might find the answer right here. More details after the break.

Microsoft Surface Pro vs Microsoft Surface RT Video - What You Should Know

Microsoft Surface Pro vs Microsoft Surface RT Video – What You Should Know

Microsoft Surface Pro vs Microsoft Surface RT

First things first, let’s talk about the hardware specs. Both the Pro and the RT share the same display size, measuring 10.6 inch in diagonal, but the resolution differs. While the RT arrives with 1266 x 768 pixels, the Pro comes with a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080.

The Pro packs twice as much RAM (4 GB) and boasts an Intel i5 processor, while the RT has to settle with an Nvidia Tegra 3 chip. Evidently, the GPU differs as well, and while the Intel HD Graphics 4000 is powering the Pro, the RT arrives with an ULP GeForce graphics processing unit.

As far as the design goes, both gadgets look quite similar but there are a few differences. The RT is a bit lighter, but on the other side of the fence, the Pro does come with a stylus.

All in all, the Pro is evidently better equipped than the RT, and since it also supports pretty much any software that is supported by Windows 8, it’s more versatile as well.

But do are all these differences translate into real-life anyway?
Well, for starters the Pro really is much faster than the RT in pretty much every regard.

The difference in speed is more than noticeable and in fact, the only occasion on which the RT seems to be faster is when you wake the tablets out of sleep mode. Other than that, the Pro takes the cake in every regard.

Except, of course, battery life. All that extra power comes at a cost, and the Surface RT delivers roughly twice as much juice than its Pro counterpart. On the bright side, the Pro charges much faster than the RT, and also arrives with an interesting charger that features an USB port, allowing the user to charge a second device, such as a smartphone.

All in all, it’s quite interesting to see these two tablets side-by-side, so we advise you to take a look at the video below and see the difference between the two for yourself. Enjoy!


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