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Microsoft Surface at Verizon – Yep, It Just Might Happen

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When Microsoft was making preparations for the arrival of the new Windows 8 platform and its Microsoft Surface RT, we’ve reported that the company’s plans are to offer the device via its own pop-up stores, skipping the middleman in order to have full control over how the tablet is presented and retailed.

Nevertheless, the company’s expectations might be a bit higher than what it can deliver through its own retail network, reason why Microsoft might consider retailing the Surface RT in carrier stores as well.

Microsoft Surface at Verizon - Yep, It Just Might Happen

Microsoft Surface at Verizon - Yep, It Just Might Happen

Microsoft Surface at Verizon

The first clue regarding the availability of Microsoft’s Surface RT in a carrier store has surfaced on the web, thanks to a gadget enthusiast who happened to notice the tablet on display in a Verizon store.

Furthermore, according to the store’s manager, Verizon and Microsoft have apparently struck a deal and although they’ve managed to keep quiet until now, the Surface RT should be available for purchase in Big Red’s stores soon. The manager also mentioned that they’ll only sell the WiFi-only model and that there are little chances that a 4G model is in the works.

However, there are a few questions that remain unanswered. First of all, why isn’t Microsoft teaming up with AT&T? Both companies have collaborated strongly in the past, reason why AT&T is known as the Premium Microsoft carrier. Perhaps the Surface RT is also making its way in AT&T’s stores but no information has been revealed yet.

Second of all, why is Verizon willing to sell a tablet that doesn’t offer them the possibility to sell any services aside? Well, the answer might be because Big Red and Microsoft might somehow split the profits.

In any case, we’re eager to see how the story develops, when we’ll be able to buy a Microsoft Windows RT via Verizon and of course, at what price. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks WPCentral for the heads-up regarding the possibility that we’ll soon see the Microsoft Surface in Verizon’s stores.

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