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Moto X Price: What You Should Know

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Moto X Price Guide

As soon as the Moto X has been announced, this particular gadget has probably been one of the biggest sources of controversy we’ve seen lately. Well, it wasn’t really as much of a controversy as it was a mixed bag of opinions. Some gadget enthusiasts feel like this device isn’t offering enough power under the hood in order to be called a “flagship phone”. Meanwhile, the opposite camp is pointing out that power isn’t everything, and as long as you have interesting extra features to make up for the apparent lack of beefy hardware, the Moto X deserves the title.

Well, regardless of what others may think about this device, if you find yourself wanting a Moto X, then we may have some interesting information for you regarding the handset’s price, right after the break.

Moto X Price: What You Should Know

Moto X Price: What You Should Know

Moto X Price – What You Need to Know

First of all, let’s start off with the basic stuff. As reported before, the Moto X will be offered in the States through a fair amount of carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint as well as US Cellular.

As expected for a flagship device, the 16 GB model will be offered at the price of $199.99 on a 2-year contract. Some carriers (such as AT&T) will get to retail the 32 GB model as well, at an expected price of $249.99, once again, on contract.

More interestingly however, is the fact that Motorola will offer a nice deal for “veteran” Motorola owners. On short, as long as you have an older Moto handset that you don’t need anymore, you will be able to trade it in, in order to take advantage of a $100 rebate. The list of eligible devices can be found below.

Moto X Price: What You Should Know

Last but not least, recent reports coming from Leo Laporte have revealed that the mobile operators in the US are paying only $350 per Moto X unit. This obviously means that the carriers are getting some extra profit off of every Moto X that’s going to be sold, but it also means that we might get some pretty extreme price cuts in the future, assuming that the carrier launch price of $199.99 won’t attract too many people.

Are you planning on getting the Moto X once it goes on sale?

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