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Next Motorola Droid: Q4 Release Date, Larger Screen Ratio and Next Gen Kevlar Build (Rumor)

by Mihai Matei on March 27, 2014

With both CES and MWC opening and closing their doors during these past couple of months, a ton of interesting new smartphones have been released and / or unveiled. However, there’s one manufacturer in particular that has been missing from the picture, and we’re referring of course to Motorola.

This hasn’t been the first time when the majority of mobile manufacturers were showing their goods, while Motorola was sitting quiet in the background. It happened last year as well, but then Motorola broke the silence with the Moto X and the new Droid Ultra line-up.

We’ve been wondering when Motorola will join the fight this year, and with what device. Back in October 2013 we’ve reported that the company was working on a Droid Ultra successor, but we haven’t heard much about it since. Fortunately, the rumors haven’t died off completely and we now have more information concerning said device. Join us below for details.

Next Motorola Droid: Q4 Release Date, Larger Screen Ratio and Next Gen Kevlar Build

Next Motorola Droid: Q4 Release Date, Larger Screen Ratio and Next Gen Kevlar Build

Next Motorola Droid – The Latest Rumors

According to one leakster who has a very accurate track record when it comes to Motorola-related rumors, the company in question is definitely working on a new Droid, which will apparently hit the market in the 4th quarter of the year.

The source also suggests that the handset will take advantage of next-gen Kevlar materials, and that it will boast a larger screen ratio – meaning that the area of the display itself will cover a larger percentage of the entire front panel.

This can be achieved either by creating a smartphone with a larger display, or by making the bezels thinner. We’re guessing Motorola is doing both.

We should also note that, earlier rumors were indicating that the next gadget in the Droid line-up will be dubbed “Quantum”, but this time around, the source hasn’t specified any name-tag for the Moto’s upcoming Droid.

Any Motorola fans out there? What are your expectations from a Droid follow-up? What features would you like to see on the upcoming device? Let us know in the comment section below.



  • Giovanni

    There should be a business droid with qwerty slide-out keyboard.

    It should feature:

    - High end battery: at least 2600 mAh (business people need decent battery life)
    - 720p 4.5 – 4.7 inch screen (not 1080 because of the battery drain and size)
    - At least 2ghz but preferably 2.3 ghz quad core snapdragon cpu
    - 2 gb of ram
    - micro sd slot
    - micro hdmi slot
    - hole for a stylus like the galaxy note
    - quickoffice or equivalent software preinstalled
    - double front speakers like htc one (since the phone is mainly used in landscape mode)
    - sim card slot for international use

    possible innovations:

    - Trackpad on the back of the phone as extra navigation
    - dedicated power-friendly processor for messages/updates only while phone is in sleep mode

    Bottom line – A phone that could last for days easily under heavy use, tailored towards business users that want to have a classy slide-out keyboard phone. The phone should and would be iconic to business users.

    If this is handled correctly, there will definitely be a (huge) market for it. So please Motorola, grab your balls and put ‘em on the table. Show us what you got. You’ve done it before (droid 2, droid 4).


    a business user

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