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Motorola Droid RAZR HD or RAZR M To Come With An “Edge-To-Edge” Display ? Probably Not

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The IFA event in Berlin is where most of the unconfirmed devices we’ve kept our eyes on during the past few months have been officially unveiled by their manufacturers. The list includes the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the Samsung Ativ S / Ativ Tab, the Sony Xperia T / TX, the international 4G LTE Galaxy S3 and the list goes on.

Nevertheless, there are still a few devices out there shrouded in a thick layer of mystery, mainly the new Nokia Windows Phone 8 smartphone lineup which will be unveiled on September 5th and a certain Motorola device expected to be revealed this week in NYC.

I know, the first Motorola device that has waited long enough for an official debut is no doubt the Motorola Droid RAZR HD or at least the RAZR M, but this might not be the case at all. More details after the break.

Motorola Droid RAZR HD or RAZR M To Come With An “Edge-To-Edge” Display ? Probably Not

Motorola Droid RAZR HD or RAZR M To Come With An “Edge-To-Edge” Display ? Probably Not

New Edge-To-Edge Motorola Device

So here’s the latest. According to Bloomberg, Motorola is expected to release a smartphone in NYC this week, and according to their latest reports this particular device will feature an edge-to-edge display design. That means it won’t have a bezel and as you might imagine, the design would be quite sleek.

Obviously when we heard that the company plans on launching a new device we initially hoped to hear more about the long-awaited RAZR HD or at least about the RAZR M. Nevertheless, leaked pictures have surfaced depicting both devices and although the design is up to par with the current market, neither the RAZR HD nor the RAZR M is nowhere near of delivering an edge-to-edge design. Besides, all things point towards an October/November launch for the RAZR HD, and its design was pretty much confirmed.

That being said, there are two possibilities. Either Motorola has a brand new device in store for us, a super-secret smartphone that managed to stay hidden so well that not even the FCC documentation has surfaced, or the latest reports concerning an edge-to-edge design are not quite on the money.

There’s also a third possibility, one where the pictures we’ve seen so far depicting the RAZR HD or RAZR M were fabrications, dummy cases and perhaps even test units. That seems a bit far-fetched though, but perhaps not as far fetched as the idea of a secret smartphone of which nobody heard nothing about, boasting an expected launch (unveiling) in a matter of days. Although it would be quite a feat, it might not even be good for business.

Nevertheless, we’re shooting in the dark at this point and all we can do is speculate. That being said, we’ll definitely keep our eyes on Motorola in order to figure out what they have in store for us. Any thoughts?

Thanks Droid Life for the heads-up regarding the Motorola edge-to-edge display smartphone.

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