Motorola Droid Ultra Limited Edition Surfaces, Available On EBay

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If you’ve been following Verizon and the way the carrier handled its Droid line-up, you probably know that Big Red usually comes up, every year, with a Limited Edition of its current Droid flagship, meant for the companies employees. These Limited Edition Droids have custom paint jobs and are available in very limited quantities, which makes almost every collector or Droid enthusiast out there want one.

Such is also the case with the recently released Motorola Droid Ultra. Until recently we didn’t have the opportunity to see it in videos and pics (with the exception of a watermark-heavy “leak” which surfaced a while ago), but the situation has changed thanks to some Verizon employees who are trying to make a quick buck. Check out the pictures and join us after the break for more details.






The above images are taken from one of the guys selling their Limited Edition Droid Ultras on EBay.

If you’re interested go over there and check it out but you’d better make sure these handsets are not actually tied to the Verizon employee’s SIM card, or something like that. Last year we heard some rumors that Verizon is trying to prevent its employees from selling these smartphones by implementing some kind of “fail-safe”, but we haven’t heard anything since.

For those of you not up to date, as far hardware goes, the Motorola Droid Ultra Limited Edition is basically identical to its mainstream brother, the only difference being the paint job.

So what do you think? Does the Limited Edition look better than the retail one? Would you be interested in buying one? Have you ever bought a Limited Edition Droid and have issues with it? Let us know in the comments section.

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