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Motorola DVX Surfaces Again, At Least 4 Colors To Be Available?

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As some of you might remember, Moto’s CEO (Dennis Woodside) has confirmed a while back that Motorola is working on a cheaper version of the Moto X, meant for the pre-paid market. This was a welcomed news for those who are not willing to pay $200 for the subsidized model and then be tied to a carrier-contract.

More recently, we stumbled on Moto DVX’s (the moniker the cheaper Moto X goes by these days) first public appearance which hinted that the smartphone will come with interchangeable back panels. Today we spotted the DVX, or rather some of its back panels, taking another walk in the park. Take a look and join us after the break.

Motorola DVX

Motorola DVX Surfaces Again, At Least 4 Colors To Be Available?

So aside from the green and pink flavors, the cheaper Moto X version will also come in black and white.

We need to remind you that, most probably, we won’t have the possibility of personalizing the Motorola DVX just like we would do with a Moto X.

So the fact that we will be able to change the smartphone’s back panel is still better than nothing, right? Not to mention that most devices out there (premium or low-end) don’t offer the possibility to customize their appearance (at least not with official products).

As far as the Moto DVX release date goes, a recently leaked Republic Wireless slide hints that it might be scheduled for sometime next month.

We have no idea what kind of hardware will the DVX feature or what price tag will Motorola attach to its product but we’ll keep our ears to the street and bring you up to speed as soon as we hear anything new.