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Motorola X Phone – Google Not Content With This Project’s Evolution ?

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Motorola X Phone – In Danger Of Being Scrapped?

Motorola enthusiasts are starting to feel pretty left out. While the majority of smartphone manufacturers have already launched their first high-end devices for year 2013, we still don’t know what to expect from Moto.

There have been a lot of rumors concerning the so called X Phone though. Some of these reports indicated that the handset could arrive with a ton of personalization options, other have hinted that Motorola will focus on durability and battery life, and the list goes on. The handset has also allegedly popped-up on AnTuTu, though something was fishy. We even had a batch of rather silly “leaks” that have managed to get a laugh or two out of us.

By the amount of rumors, you’d say that the handset is on its way for a timely release, but it might not be the case at all. Check out what one analyst has predicted, right after the break.

Motorola X Phone - Is Google Disappointed By This Project's Evolution ?

Motorola X Phone – Is Google Disappointed By This Project’s Evolution ?

Motorola X Phone – Shoved To The Side?

Many months after the first X Phone-related rumors and leaks have surfaced, we still don’t know what to expect from this fabled device. This rarely happens in the mobile world. Usually, when a new handset is a few months away, the rumors become more and more clear and accurate.

That’s not the case with the X Phone, and the reason might be because Google has pushed the X Phone to the side. According to the Chinese analyst who goes by the name of Sun Chang Xu, Google is disappointed with the project’s evolution, reason why the search engine giant has supposedly decided to give up on the X Phone altogether.

It’s still unclear whether or not the X Phone will still hit the market without Google’s full support (perhaps with a non-stock Android OS), but the reason why the parent company has allegedly abandoned the X Phone is the device’s lack of technology and innovation. This is a bit odd, considering the fact that initial rumors have suggested that the X Phone would change the game.

Once again, nothing is set in stone, but we should keep in mind that it’s not impossible for the X Phone to become a failed, forgotten experiment. Hopefully that’s not going to be the case.

Thanks GSM Insider for the heads-up regarding the latest Motorola X Phone rumor.